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Known issues

The following are issues and workarounds for this version of Splunk Enterprise.

Refer to System requirements in the Installation Manual for a list of supported platforms and architectures.

For a list of deprecated features and platforms, refer to Deprecated features in this manual.

Date filed Issue number Description
2017-05-09 SPL-141693 DataModel Editor - when child object has same name as inherited field, inherited field does not show in the inherited fields list.
2017-02-27 SPL-137673, SPL-138970, SPL-138969 When running Health check on 6.5.2 Some linux items check on window some are skipped
2017-01-06 SPL-134707 Splunk restart does not create missing server.pem certificate on Windows

Use Template:Bin/splunk createssl server-cert -d etc/auth/ -n server to generate a new certificate.
2016-08-31 SPL-127800 opting in to data sharing on a monitoring console produces duplicate data
2016-07-26 SPL-125052 Sole Admin can demote his/herself to Power without path of recovery in GUI

Through the command line, you can open notepad and modify the password file to regain 'Admin' status.
2016-07-11 SPL-124026, SPL-122942 Relative paths should not be allowed under volume's path=file:// on remote storages
2015-11-13 SPL-109427 LDAP SSL no longer working in Splunk 6.3 (and later) for Windows 2003


The workaround is to 1) obtain Ciphers configured on Windows AD 2003 server. 2) tweak TLS_CIPHER_SUITE command in etc/openldap/ldap.conf to match it. The following is a working TLS_CIPHER_SUITE for one of the customers: {noformat} TLS_CIPHER_SUITE HIGH:MEDIUM:@STRENGTH:+3DES:+RC4:!aNULL:!MD5:!SRP:!PSK:!aDSS:!kECDH:!kDH:!SEED,!IDEA:!RC2:!RC5 {noformat}

2015-10-07 SPL-107606 Inconsistency between summary and datamodel_summary files.
2015-06-10 SPL-103010 Indexing throughput on a forwarder with four pipelinesets drops 30% compared to a forwarder with two pipelinesets.
2015-02-26 SPL-97389 When using timechart command, the embedded report shows different time format than the original report.
2015-01-08 SPL-95144, SPL-142789, SPL-101986, SPL-101987, SPL-106884, SPL-107317 Indexed message for Windows security event logs shows "FormatMessage error"

Splunk believes this was introduced in a Microsoft Windows patch. The workaround is to configure a delayed start of the Splunk service(s) so that it starts after the Windows Event Log service.
2014-10-31 SPL-92596 After upgrade from Splunk Enterprise 6.1 or earlier to 6.4.x on Windows, splunkweb service does not start automatically. Attempts to start it manually show "Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."

This is expected behavior. See the Splunk Answers post: http://answers.splunk.com/answers/177187/why-is-the-splunk-web-service-not-running-after-an.html
2014-09-11 SPL-90738 Monitoring a directory with an unknown sourcetype produces indexing errors.
2014-08-26 SPL-90139 <timestamp> does not display in the Patterns tab when searches are run in fast mode.
2014-04-01 SPL-82517 Paper Size and Layout in PDF Schedule dialog do not respect Paper Size and Layout in Email Settings.
2014-03-23 SPL-82238 Datamodel fails to drill down further when the same attribute for Split Rows and Split Columns are selected.
2014-03-13 SPL-81856 Show all lines does not work in data model editor preview.
2014-03-12 SPL-81781 In the Data Model Manager, "Acceleration Status" and "Access Count" fail to update when you click "Update".
2014-02-07 SPL-80285 In the Data Model Editor, the Edit Lookup page is blank if Lookup is shared only in Lookup Definitions.

For more information, see Add lookup files to Splunk.
2014-02-06 SPL-80187 In the Data Model Editor, lookup pages open with options displayed for other Lookup when the data model definition is private but the file is app or globally shared.

Share the definition. For more information, see Add lookup files to Splunk.
2013-09-13 SPL-74337, BETA-496 You cannot specify a destination folder when installing on OSX.
2013-04-30 SPL-66213 PDF server app is not working with latest Xvfb
2012-02-22 SPL-48342 LDAP strategy host field cannot work with ipv6 format address but computer name is okay

Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

Date filed Issue number Description
2017-04-04 ERP-2040 Splunk archiving fails for large block sizes (buckets) due to HDFS write crashes.
2015-09-09 ERP-1650 timestamp data type not properly deserialized.
2015-08-05 ERP-1619 Searching on a newly created archive index before the bucket copy saved search is run causes a filenotfound exception.

Reenable the bucket copy saved search and let it run, or force the archiving to happen via | archivebuckets force=1 and then rerun the search.
2015-07-07 ERP-1598 minsplit rampup - splits generation takes too long.

Set minsplits=maxsplits
2015-05-12 ERP-1502 Non-accelerated pivot search on Pivot UI page waits for a long time to return result.
2015-01-08 ERP-1343, SPL-95174 Splunk Analytics for Hadoop searches fail on corrupted journal.gz files, although Splunk searches run without error.

Add the journal.gz to the input path's blacklist (vix.input.1.ignore = ....)
2014-10-27 ERP-1216 Data Explorer preview does not honor existing sourcetypes for big5/sjis files.
2014-10-03 ERP-1164 Report acceleration summary gets deleted when two Splunk Analytics for Hadoop instances point to the same Splunk working directory

To mitigate this issue, make sure that vix.splunk.home.hdfs (or Working directory in the UI) is unique on both search heads that are not in a pool. To keep your instances in the same working directory, configure vix.splunk.search.cache.path to be unique on both search heads.
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