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Lookups for the Splunk Add-on for AWS

Lookup files are located in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_aws/lookups on *nix systems and %SPLUNK_HOME%\etc\apps\Splunk_TA_aws\lookups on Windows systems. Lookup files map fields from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to CIM-compliant values in the Splunk platform. The Splunk Add-on for AWS has the following lookups:

File name Purpose
aws_config_action_lookup.csv Maps the status field to a CIM-compliant value for the action field.
aws_config_object_category_lookup.csv Sorts the various AWS Config object categories into CIM-compliant values for the object_category field.
aws-cloudtrail-action-status.csv Maps the eventName and errorCode fields to CIM-compliant values for action and status.
aws-cloudtrail-changetype.csv Maps the eventSource to a CIM-compliant value for the change_type field.
aws-health-error-type.csv Maps ErrorCode to ErrorDetail, ErrorCode, ErrorDetail.
aws-log-sourcetype-modinput.csv Maps sourcetype to modinput.
cloudfront_edge_location_lookup Maps the x_edge_location value to a human-readable edge_location_name.
vendor-product-aws-cloudtrail.csv Defines CIM-compliant values for the vendor, product, and appfields based on the source type.
vpcflow_action_lookup.csv Maps the numerical protocol code to a CIM-compliant protocol field and a human-readable field protocol_full_name.
vpcflow_protocol_code_lookup.csv Maps the vpcflow_action field to a CIM-compliant action field.
VmSizeToResources.csv Maps the instance_type field to CIM-compliant cpu_cores, mem_capacity fields.
Last modified on 22 February, 2024
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