Splunk® Data Stream Processor

The Splunk Data Stream Processor is a stream processing service that takes data from sources such as the Splunk Ingest REST API or the Splunk Forwarders Service, processes it, and sends your data to your Splunk indexer.

Release Notes
Includes information about new features and known issues.

Install and administer the Data Stream Processor
How to install and administer the Data Stream Processor. Includes system requirements and licensing information.

Data Stream Processor Tutorial
If you are new to Splunk Data Stream Processor, start here. Guides you through creating, configuring, and sending data to a pipeline.

Getting Data In
Learn how to get data in to a Data Pipeline.

Use the Data Stream Processor
Learn about Splunk Data Stream Processor features, concepts, and tasks.

Function Reference
Reference of the functions that you can use in a Splunk DSP pipeline with descriptions and examples.

API Reference
Reference documentation for Splunk Data Stream Processor endpoints.