Splunk® IT Service Intelligence

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a scalable IT monitoring and analytics solution that provides actionable insight into the performance and behavior of your IT services.

Release Notes
Information on the new features and functionality in this release of Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Install and Upgrade Manual
A guide to installing and upgrading Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Administration Manual
Configure permissions, schedule maintenance downtime, and backup KV store data in Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Entity Integrations Manual
Configure integrations to create entities for operating systems, virtual infrastructures, and containers in Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Service Insights Manual
Import, create, and configure services and KPIs to monitor the health of your IT environment.

Event Analytics Manual
Create and manage notable events and episodes in Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

User Manual
A guide to the dashboards and IT operations analyst workflows in Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Preconfigured searches, KPIs and data models for Splunk IT Service Intelligence

REST API Reference
ITSI REST API reference and object schema.

SAI Integration
How to integrate the Splunk App for Infrastructure with Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Related Products

Splunk® ITSI Module for Application Performance Monitoring
The Splunk ITSI Module for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) enables a Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) user to quickly access KPIs from popular APM tools to help determine the health of their applications and services.

Splunk® ITSI Event Management SDK
The ITSI Event Management SDK is a python-based SDK that lets you build post-action, state-changing capability into ITSI notable event actions.

Splunk® ITSI Content Packs
Packaged content for use within Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Splunk® Service Intelligence for SAP® Solutions
Provides the ability to monitor various infrastructure elements that run SAP and the application components that connect to it, as well as the system's underlying infrastructure.

Splunk® Add-on for SignalFx
The Splunk Add-on for SignalFx fetches data from an onboarded SignalFx organization and brings it into your Splunk environment.

Splunk® ITSI Module for Continuous Delivery
The Splunk ITSI Module for Continuous Delivery works with Splunk IT Service Intelligence to display continuous data from build and project management systems.