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ITSI capabilities reference

This table lists the capabilities that you can add to any role. When you create a user in ITSI, you assign that user to one role. Each role contains a set of capabilities. You can add or edit capabilities for new, existing, and default roles. For example, you might give a role the capability to create a shared glass table or delete a KPI base search. A write capability implies create and update. Delete is its own capability.

Capabilities are subject to change. For the most up-to-date list of capabilities, see $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/SA-ITOA/default/authorize.conf. For information about the capabilities assigned to ITSI roles, see Restrict access to objects in ITSI.

A role that has a service capability has analogous capabilities for the KPI and entity type objects.

SA-ITOA Object type Capability name Capability description
RBAC Permissions Configuration configure_perms Ability to configure role based access control on shared service analyzers, deep dives, glass tables, correlation searches, and notable event aggregation policies.
Service/KPIs/Entity read_itsi_service
  • Ability to read service-based information in service analyzers.
  • Ability to pull in service based information on a glass table or deep dive.
  • Listing of services and entities in their lister pages.
  • Ability to create a service.
  • Ability to create a KPI.
  • Ability to create an entity.
  • Ability to bulk import entities/services through CSV file or search and set dependencies.
delete_itsi_services Ability to delete a service, KPI, or entity.
Service Templates read_itsi_base_service_template Ability to view a service template.
write_itsi_base_service_template Ability to create a service template.
delete_itsi_base_service_template Ability to delete a service template.
KPIs Temporary (KPIs with time policies enabled) read_itsi_temporary_kpi Ability to read a KPI with time policy.
write_itsi_temporary_kpi Ability to create a KPI with time policy.
delete_itsi_temporary_kpi Ability to delete a KPI with time policy.
KPI Base Searches read_itsi_kpi_base_search Ability to read a KPI base search.
write_itsi_kpi_base_search Ability to write a KPI base search.
delete_itsi_kpi_base_search Ability to delete a KPI base search.
KPI Threshold Templates read_itsi_kpi_threshold_template Ability to read KPI threshold template type objects.
write_itsi_kpi_threshold_template Ability to write a custom KPI threshold template.
delete_itsi_kpi_threshold_template Ability to delete a KPI threshold template.
Backup/Restore read_itsi_backup_restore Ability to read backup/restore page.
write_itsi_backup_restore Ability to create a backup/restore job.
delete_itsi_backup_restore Ability to delete a backup/restore job.
Glass Table read_itsi_glass_table Ability to view shared glass tables.
write_itsi_glass_table Ability to create a shared glass table.
delete_itsi_glass_table Ability to delete a shared glass table.
interact_with_itsi_glass_table Ability to drill down and interact with glass tables.
Deep Dive read_itsi_deep_dive Ability to view a shared deep dive.
  • Ability to create a shared deep dive.
  • Ability to create a shared deep dive as a clone from a private deep dive.
delete_itsi_deep_dive Ability to delete a shared deep dive.
interact_with_itsi_deep_dives Ability to drill down and interact with deep dives.
read_itsi_deep_dive_context Ability to drill down to an automatically generated (unnamed) deep dive object.
write_itsi_deep_dive_context Ability to drill down to an automatically generated (unnamed) deep dive object for the first time.
delete_itsi_deep_dive_context Ability to delete an automatically generated (unnamed) deep dive object.
interact_with_itsi_deep_dives_context Ability to drill down and interact in deep dives context.
Service Analyzer read_itsi_homeview Ability to read service analyzers. Triggered on opening the Service Analyzer or the ITSI app.
write_itsi_homeview Ability to create or edit a service analyzer. Triggered on opening the Service Analyzer or the ITSI app for the first time.
delete_itsi_homeview Ability to delete a service analyzer. Never triggered.
interact_with_itsi_homeview Ability to drill down and interact with a service analyzer.
Correlation Search read_itsi_correlation_search Ability to read a correlation search.
write_itsi_correlation_search Ability to edit a correlation search.
delete_itsi_correlation_search Ability to delete a correlation search.
interact_with_itsi_correlation_search Ability to interact with a correlation search.
Event Management State read_itsi_event_management_state Ability to read Episode Review dashboards.
write_itsi_event_management_state Ability to save an Episode Review dashboard.
delete_itsi_event_management_state Ability to delete an Episode Review dashboard.
Notable Event read-notable_event Ability to read a notable event.
write-notable_event Ability to modify a notable event on index. Requires delete_by_keyword and edit_token_http capabilities to be enabled.
delete-notable_event Ability to delete an episode.
Notable Event Aggregation Policy read_itsi_notable_event_aggregation_policy Ability to read a notable event aggregation policy.
write_itsi_notable_event_aggregation_policy Ability to write a notable event aggregation policy.
delete_itsi_notable_event_aggregation_policy Ability to delete a notable event aggregation policy.
edit_default_itsi_notable_aggregation_policy Ability to edit the default notable event aggregation policy.
interact_with_itsi_notable_aggregation_policy Ability to interact with notable event aggregation policies.
Episode actions read-notable_event_action Ability to read an episode action.
execute-notable_event_action Ability to run an episode action.
Maintenance services read-maintenance_calendar Ability to read a maintenance window.
write-maintenance_calendar Ability to write a maintenance window.
delete-maintenance_calendar Ability to delete a maintenance window.
ITSI Module interface read-module_interface Ability to view the modules on the ITSI Modules lister page and read KPIs provided by modules when creating services.
write-module_interface Ability to create an ITSI module and edit KPIs provided by modules.
delete-module_interface Ability to delete an ITSI module and delete KPIs provided by modules.
CSV Import mod input edit_modinput_itsi_csv_import Ability to save the modular input for CSV import.
Teams read_itsi_team Ability to read the objects in a team.
write_itsi_team Ability to create or update the objects in a team.
delete_itsi_team Ability to delete the objects in a team.
Bulk import bulk_import_service_or_entity Ability to create services or entities using bulk import.

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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® IT Service Intelligence: 4.2.0, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, 4.3.0, 4.3.1, 4.4.0, 4.4.1, 4.4.2

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