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New features in Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) version 4.8.0 was released on January 28, 2021. It has the following new and changed features.

Event Analytics

New feature or enhancement Description
Modify notable event KV store collections using SPL Some fields were added to collections.conf and transforms.conf that make it possible to repopulate or otherwise make bulk changes to the collections ITSI leverages for cached notable event state. A precheck is performed upon upgrade to version 4.8.x that notifies you of any incorrect configurations for these collections. If the precheck shows an error message, remove any local entries you've added to transforms.conf and collections.conf based on the error message.

For more information about manipulating notable event collections, see Modify notable event KV store collections in ITSI in the Event Analytics manual.

Hide the Count and Time columns in Episode Review You can now remove the Count and Time columns from Episode Review. Previously these columns were immutable. For more information about adding and hiding columns, see Add and remove columns in the Event Analytics manual.
Add first and last event time as columns in Episode Review You can now add columns for First Event Time and Last Event Time in Episode Review. The columns display the time the first event was added to the episode and the time the most recent event was added to the episode. The Owner field is also now removable. The only static field is Title.
Email templates You can now create preconfigured email templates for use in aggregation policy action rules as well as in individual actions in Episode Review. For more information, see Action rules in the aggregation policy documentation.

You can make changes to individual email templates using the /itoa_interface endpoint. See Notable Event Email Template for the schema of the notable_event_email_template object.

Filter when choosing episode owner When you choose the Assignee dropdown in Episode Review, you can use a filter bar to more easily locate the assignee.
Filter similar episodes Filter to a subset of episodes in the Similar Episodes tab. Filtering is based on episode title and linked tickets.
Specify the time format in Episode Review You can specify the time format for time-related columns in Episode Review. The format you choose applies to any places in Episode Review where a timestamp is displayed. For more information, see Specify the Episode Review time format in the Event Analytics manual.

Glass Table editor

New feature or enhancement Description
Centered zoom The glass table now zooms relative to the center of the screen. When you zoom, the glass table remains centered.
Drilldown link honors latest timestamps If you add a drilldown link that redirects to a saved glass table or dashboard, the glass table or dashboard page honors the time range from the URL.
Add inputs to glass table You can now add and configure inputs and tokens using the glass table UI editor. For more information, see Add inputs and tokens to glass tables in ITSI in the Service Insights manual.
Connected inputs You can view the number of inputs connected to a datasource before removing the datasource.
Long names appear on lister page The glass table lister page lists longer glass table titles, and a tooltip with the complete title appears above truncated titles.


New feature or enhancement Description
ITSI SVC Statistics dashboard You can now use the ITSI SVC Statistics dashboard to view the total SVC usage for ITSI, and view additional breakdowns of SVC usage based on service tags. For more information, see Use the ITSI SVC Statistics dashboard in the Administration Manual.

Entity integrations

New feature or enhancement Description
Add vital metrics through the UI You can now add entity type vital metrics through UI rather than using the REST API. For more information, see Create custom entity types in ITSI in the Entity Integrations manual.

What's new in the docs

New feature or enhancement Description
User manual reorganization The ITSI User Manual has been discontinued in version 4.8.0 of the documentation and all topics within it have been moved to their corresponding admin manuals. For example, Episode Review topics now exist in the Event Analytics manual, and deep dive and Service Analyzer topics were moved to the Service Insights manual. The following list shows approximately where topics have moved in version 4.8.0:

Automatic link redirects are configured to redirect you from User Manual topics to their new locations.

Last modified on 16 March, 2021
Fixed issues in Splunk IT Service Intelligence

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® IT Service Intelligence: 4.8.0 Cloud only

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