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Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) version 4.9.0 isn't available for download. See the Upgrade Manual for steps to upgrade to the latest version.
This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of ITSI. Click here for the latest version.
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New features in Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) version 4.9.0 was released on April 29, 2021. It has the following new and changed features.

ITSI Content Library

New feature or enhancement Description
ITSI Content Library and Content Packs You can now install the Splunk App for Content Packs from Splunkbase to install content packs to ITSI using the ITSI Content Library. Content packs include pre-configured knowledge objects that you can use or reference to quickly set up your IT environment. The ITSI Content Library offers the following benefits:
  • Selectively install certain objects
  • Choose a conflict resolution rule for appending or replacing objects
  • Add a prefix to installed content
  • Preview screenshots in an image gallery prior to installation
  • Optionally install objects as disabled

The ITSI Content Library is only compatible with ITSI 4.9. You must upgrade to ITSI 4.9 in order to use the ITSI Content Library.

Event Analytics

New feature or enhancement Description
Episode Review renamed to Alerts and Episodes Episode Review in the ITSI navigation bar has been renamed to Alerts and Episodes. You will still be able to manage alerts and episodes on the page, and only the navigation title name has changed. For customers using IT Essentials Work, Alerts and Episodes links to the Alerts Review page.
Entity Type Alerts A new notable event aggregation policy called Entity Type Alerts is added to help you group alerts by entity type and severity. This policy is enabled by default.
Display entity names in Episode Review A new line is added to macros.conf called entity_title that displays the clickable entity names in Episode Review.

Glass Table Editor

New feature or enhancement Description
Dynamic color thresholding Configure new advanced coloring options, including dynamic color thresholding, for single value visualizations and icons. For more information, see Configuration options for single value and single value icon visualizations.
Dynamic color thresholding for line shapes The color for a line shape now changes dynamically based on the status of the connected data source. For more information, see Set dynamic colors for shapes.
New widget types Two new widget types are introduced to replace the viz.singlevalue and viz.icon widgets:
  • splunk_singlevalue
  • splunk.icon

The old widgets used in glass tables are automatically migrated to this new widget format, enabling you to implement more advanced widget coloring options.

Improved zoom centering Glass tables maintain the screen position when you increase or decrease your screen's zoom settings.

Entity integrations

New feature or enhancement Description
View entity status You can now view and filter on the status of entities imported from a recurring bulk import search on the Infrastructure Overview page. Additionally, you can now:
  • Group entities by status
  • Filter by entity status
  • Filter by alert severity
  • View entity status on the Entity Details page
  • View the number of entities displaying a specific status on the Current Entity Status Breakdown chart

For more information, see Monitor entity status.

Entity discovery saved searches We update the savedsearches.conf file with the following new searches to discover your SAI entities natively in ITSI. As of version 4.9, SAI will no longer be packaged with ITSI. These saved searches allow you to continue using your SAI entities in ITSI. For more information, see ITSI entity discovery searches. The new searches are:
  • ITSI Import Objects - VMware VM
  • ITSI Import Objects - VMware vCenter
  • ITSI Import Objects - VMware Host
  • ITSI Import Objects - VMware Datastore
  • ITSI Import Objects - VMWare Cluster
  • ITSI Import Objects - TA *Nix
  • ITSI Import Objects - Perfmon
  • ITSI Import Objects - OS
  • ITSI Import Objects - Kubernetes Node
  • ITSI Import Objects - Kubernetes Pod
  • ITSI Import Objects - AWS Cloudwatch EC2
  • ITSI Import Objects - AWS Cloudwatch EBS
  • ITSI Import Objects - AWS Cloudwatch ELB
Configure vital metric alerts You can now configure alerts to receive notifications when vital metrics for entity types cross a specific threshold. The alerts created are stored as notable events. For more information, see Configure vital metric alerts.

SAI Unpackaged from ITSI

New feature or enhancement Description
SAI Documentation Updates As of ITSI version 4.9, the Splunk App for Infrastructure (SAI) is no longer going to be packaged with ITSI. The documentation has been updated to reflect this change. You can no longer enable the SAI integration in ITSI. However, you can continue to discover your SAI entities with the new entity discovery saved searches shipped with ITSI. For more information, see ITSI entity discovery searches.
Last modified on 29 April, 2021
Fixed issues in Splunk IT Service Intelligence

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® IT Service Intelligence: 4.9.0

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