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Splunk Content Packs for ITSI and IT Essentials Work

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Troubleshoot the Content Pack for Monitoring and Alerting

Follow these troubleshooting tips for the Content Pack for Monitoring and Alerting if you are experiencing errors or it is otherwise not working as you expect.

Notable Event Aggregation Policy (NEAP) isn't working as expected


The filter criteria for the below Notable Event Aggregation Policies (NEAP) isn't working as expected:

  • Episodes by Alarm
  • Episodes by Alert Group
  • Episodes by ITSI Service
  • Episodes by Src


The definition of the NEAPs use this filter criteria:

"config": {
    "field": "itsi_policy_id",
    "operator": "=",
    "value": "<uuid>"

In previous versions of the content pack the uuid was hard coded. Ideally, the value for the itsi_policy_id field is the ID of the NEAP.


Follow these steps to update the value of the itsi_policy_id field to use the ID for the NEAPs:

  1. Log in into the Splunk instance with ITSI.
  2. Go to the IT Service Intelligence app.
  3. Go to Configuration > Notable Event Aggregation Policies.
  4. For each NEAP follow these steps:
    1. Select a NEAP, and select the Filter Criteria and Instructions tab.
    2. Under include the events if, replace the value in the itsi_policy_id field as per this table:
      NEAP Existing itsi_policy_id New itsi_policy_id
      Episodes by Alarm cef5eec4-2dcc-11eb-8ffb-0671d5072164 da-itsi-cp-monitoring-alerting-episodes-by-alarm
      Episodes by Alert Group e3ec489a-04b1-11ea-8567-021bca2da03d da-itsi-cp-monitoring-alerting-episodes-by-alert-group
      Episodes by ITSI Service 48a35d46-0557-11ea-9716-021bca2da03d da-itsi-cp-monitoring-alerting-episodes-by-itsi-service
      Episodes by Src 76073f1c-303c-11eb-8ffe-0671d5072164 da-itsi-cp-monitoring-alerting-episodes-by-src
  5. Select on Preview results to preview the results for the new NEAP filter criteria.
  6. Select Save.
Last modified on 14 October, 2021
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