Splunk® Mission Control

Splunk Mission Control is a cloud-based security operations platform that provides security incident triage, investigation, collaboration, and response functionality as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Release Notes
Release notes for Splunk Mission Control, Splunk Connect for Mission Control, and the Splunk Automation Broker.

Set Up and Customize Splunk Mission Control
Invite users, add custom status and severity values, and create content like response templates and dashboards.

Get Data into Splunk Mission Control
Get data into Splunk Mission Control from Splunk Enterprise Security and other sources.

Triage and Respond to Notables in Splunk Mission Control
Investigate possible security incidents by triaging and responding to notables in Splunk Mission Control.

Splunk Mission Control Service Description
Describes the benefits of the Splunk Mission Control service.