Splunk® Phantom

Installing Splunk Phantom is the first step to realizing gains from security orchestration and automation.

Release Notes
What's new in the latest release of Splunk Phantom.

Install and Upgrade Splunk Phantom
Install and upgrade Splunk Phantom.

Get Started with the Splunk Mobile App for Splunk Phantom
Use the Splunk Mobile App for Splunk Phantom to take action directly from your mobile device.

Administer Splunk Phantom
Administer Splunk Phantom and customize the desired product settings.

Use Splunk Phantom
Learn how to use Splunk Phantom for security orchestration and automation using playbooks, workbooks, and cases.

Splunk Phantom REST API Reference
Reference documentation for Splunk Phantom REST API endpoints.

Splunk Phantom Playbook API Reference
Reference documentation for the Python automation API in Splunk Phantom.

Develop Apps for Splunk Phantom
A technical development guide to help you develop your own Splunk Phantom apps.

Related Products

Splunk® Phantom Add-On for Splunk
The Splunk Phantom Add-On for Splunk is a forwarding app that translates and forwards information from the Splunk platform to a Splunk Phantom instance.

Splunk® Phantom Remote Search
Splunk Phantom Remote Search defines indexes and roles that you need when you configure Splunk Phantom to use an external Splunk instance for search data.