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Create a version

Once you've created a product, the next step is to create one or more versions that apply to this product.

To access the Versions management page, use the following URL, substituting the server name for your own Ponydocs server in place of <yourponydocsserver>.

http://<yourponydocsserver>/Documentation:<product short name>:Versions

This page drives the dropdown list of versions available for the defined product in addition to the state of that version, which designates whether the end user can or cannot see content tagged with that version. For more information about version state, refer to this overview of versions.

Note: If there are no manuals for the selected version the version will NOT appear in the drop-down list.

Things to know when creating a version

  • A version must be defined here before any topics may be tagged with that version.
  • The versions can be any text or numeric string, such as 1.1.4 or Beta or 1.0beta.
  • The versions should be listed in release order; that is, the newest/latest versions should be closer to the bottom of this page as this is where you would typically add them.
  • Change the status of a version by editing this file (from unreleased to released, for example).
  • To edit the versions page for a given product, you must have "docteam" permissions for the specific product for which you're adding a version. for example, if you want to edit the versions page for the Unicorns product, you must have the checkbox checked for "unicorns-docteam" on the permissions page. if you don't see a link to create/edit the versions page, you probably don't have that permission.


Create a version using the following syntax:


For example, the entry for versions 1.0Beta1 and 1.0Beta2, both in preview status, would look like this when you have the Versions management topic open for editing:


When you save the Versions management page, the version you added is created in Ponydocs.

Last modified on 09 October, 2012
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Ponydocs: 1.0

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