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After submitting

You can change the description of your app or add-on, upload screenshots, update documentation, update licenses, or update app or add-on editors after submission.

Clicking the version number in the Hosting Tab allows you to update release notes, Splunk version, development type, app contents, CIM compliance, and visibility.

Frequently asked questions

What is the install count for my app?

Answer: Install count is a heuristic based on Splunk instances pinging home with information about installed apps. The install count is per unique Splunk instances with your app and a valid release installed.

Tracking active installs?

I am trying to track the number of active installs for my app. Does the app install count have duplicate counts when users update my app or reinstall it in their Splunk instance?

Answer: App updates and reinstallation are not double counted, as the count is incremented per unique Splunk instance.

Why does the number of user leads of my app not match the number of downloads?

Answer: User leads are only provided by users who have consented to provide their contact information to the app publisher when downloading an app. They can choose to opt out by unchecking the I consent to Splunk sharing my contact information with the publisher of this app so I can receive more information about the app directly from the publisher box.

How do I update my app's icon?

Answer: For apps hosted on Splunkbase, the app icon needs to be included within the package. The app icon displayed on Splunkbase is used by the default version selected. For more information: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/AdvancedDev/AddConfigurations#Add_app_icon_images For apps hosted externally, the Splunkbase app icon can be managed from the app edit page. However, note that the icons will still need to be included within the package for them to be displayed within Splunk.

How do I change the app id of my app?

I would like to change the app id of my app but keep getting an error when attempting to upload a new version.

Answer: Changing the app id is strongly discouraged, as this is merely used to uniquely identify the app within Splunkbase, which is necessary for checking for updates by users as well as tracking download stats. If you still wish to use a new app id, you can upload the package as a new app and request to delete the original app.

How can I change the app owner display name for my app, underneath where it says "Built By"?

Answer: There are two ways you can change the display name for the app author:

  • Create a new account using your company name, and request to transfer ownership
  • Change the display name of your current account:
    1. Login at https://www.splunk.com/.
    2. Under My Account/My Dashboard, click "Edit Login and Email Subscriptions."
    3. Save your changes.
    4. Log out of https://www.splunkbase.com and log back in again to apply the name change update.

Can I update the app release while keeping the same version number?

I uploaded an app onto Splunkbase but made a minor revision/bug fix that doesn't warrant a new version label.

Answer: The app needs to have at least one version available as a default. To make changes:

  1. Upload a dummy release with a separate version number.
  2. Set the dummy as the default (must be visible).
  3. Delete the original version.
  4. Upload the updated package with the original version name.
  5. From there, you set the newly uploaded package as default and delete the dummy.

How do I get access to "leads" for my app?

Answer: Any author/editor of the app should be able to access leads from the app admin tools. Keep in mind that you will only see leads for the downloads where users agreed to share their information.

How do I change the background color of my app icon?

Answer: Splunkbase automatically picks the background color from default/data/ui/nav/default.xml in your app package: <nav search_view="search" color="#000000">

How do I archive or reinstate my app?

Answer: Request app archiving or reinstatement from the Hosting tab when managing your app or add on. For more information about app archiving policy, see App archiving.

How do I search for all apps by an author?

Answer: It's not an explicit feature but you can modify the URL to specify a different username: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/apps/#/author/USERNAME

Last modified on 25 April, 2019
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