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Manage content on Splunkbase

Manage your content once it has been submitted to Splunkbase. This guide shows how to perform edits to your content in order to maintain functionality and compatibility with new releases of Splunk.

To manage your content on Splunkbase:

Option 1:

  1. Log into your account on Splunkbase, and click on your profile.
  2. Under your apps, identify the app or add-on that you wish to manage, and click manage.

Option 2:

  1. Navigate to Splunkbase and log into your account.
  2. Using the search bar, type in the name of your content, and press Enter
  3. Click the name of your app from the list of search results.
  4. Under the Administrator Tools bar, click Manage App.

You are now in the main menu. Use the main menu to manage and edit your content.


Select the Hosting tab. The Hosting section allows you to:

  • Upload new versions of your content.
  • Update existing versions of your content.
  • Change the default version of your content.

Upload new versions of your content

  1. Click the New Version button, located under the Hosting tab.
  2. Read the developer distribution license, and click Agree.
  3. Upload the file to Splunkbase by dragging and dropping your content package into the designated Drop package here area, or click Choose file, and selecting your content package from your system.

Edit existing versions of your content

Select the Hosting tab, and select the version you wish to update. From here you can edit your content.

App edit edit4.png

Platform compatibility

Click the platform button to select the platforms that your content is compatible with (Platform Independent, Linux, Windows, and so on).

Splunk Enterprise version compatibility

Under Splunk Version, select the check box for each version of Splunk Enterprise that your content is compatible with.

Common Information Model compatibility

Under CIM, select each version of the Common Information Model (CIM) that your content supports.

Content visibility

Under the Visibility section of the version you wish to edit, select the check box.

Once you have made your updates, click Update to save your changes.

Set a version of your content as default

  1. Select the Hosting tab.
  2. Under the Default column of the Versions table, click the radio button next to the version of your content that you want to show as the default version when users search for your content. The update automatically saves.


From the main menu, select the Description tab.

Splunkbase edit edit.png

Display name

  1. From the Description tab, click your content's name, located under the Name header.
  2. Type the new name for your content.


To change the categories associated with your content, send an email to Splunkbase Admins.

Content type

From the Content Type section of your content's Description tab, select whether your content is an app or an add-on.

For more information about apps, add-ons, and how to build them, see Apps and add-ons in Developing Dashboards, Views, and Apps for Splunk Web.

Short introduction

From the Short Introduction section of your content's Description tab, type a brief overview of the problem or situation that your content is intended to address.

Contact email

From the Contact section of your content's Description tab, type an email address that can be used to allow users to contact you securely.

After you have made your desired changes, click Update.

Manage media on Splunkbase

From the main menu, select the Media tab. From here you can add screenshots of your content, along with links to Youtube videos on your content.

<caution>Including advertisements, or inappropriate content along with your video content will lead to your app being deleted, and your developer account being banned from Splunkbase.<caution>

Learn more about submission criteria.


Submit a YouTube link

Before including any video content along with your app submission, note that the following items cannot be included in your linked Youtube video:

To link to video content:

  1. Navigate to your content's Media tab.
  2. Enter your content's YouTube ID into the Youtube ID text box.

Add screenshots

Drag and drop your screenshots into the designated Drop images here area on your screen or click Choose file, and select your screenshots from your system.


From the main menu, select the Details tab. From here you can add or update documentation for your content.

Click Update after you have finished updating your documentation.


From the main menu, select the Settings tab. From here you can:

  • Update your License Name
  • Update your License URL
  • Update your content’s Access Level (Unrestricted/Restricted)


To learn more about licensing and access levels, see Submitting an App to Splunkbase.

User leads

From the main menu, select the Leads tab. From here you can access the contact information of your content’s users.

Editor permissions

From the main menu, select the Editors tab. From here you can add or remove editing privileges for users.

Add a new editor

  1. Type the username of the user you want to add.
  2. Click Add.

Remove an editor

Click the user that you wish to remove. The user's editing privileges are immediately removed.

Transfer content ownership

To transfer content ownership, reach out to Splunkbase Admins from the account that currently owns the app, and provide the new ID to which you would like to transfer.

Download Permission

Select the Downloaders tab to restrict downloads to only those Splunk Apps users listed.

Change content icon

Manage your content's icon on Splunkbase. To change your content's icon on Splunkbase, first identify if your content is hosted by Splunkbase, or hosted externally.

Content hosted by Splunkbase

To change your content's icon when hosted by Splunkbase:

  1. Navigate to the Hosting tab of your content's manage page.
  2. Click New Version.
  3. Follow the steps to submit a new version of your content, with the new icon packaged in your content's new version.

Content hosted externally

To change your content's icon when your content is hosted externally:

  1. Navigate to the Hosting tab.
  2. Drag and drop your content's new icon into the App Icon box, or click Choose File in the App Icon box.
  3. Click Update.

For details on app icons, see Configure app properties on the Splunk Developer Portal.

Change author name

To change your content's author name, update the author name for the owner of the content or create a new ID with the preferred author name, and contact Splunkbase Admins to transfer app ownership to the new ID.

After submitting
App archiving

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Answers and Splunkbase: splunkbase

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