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Naming conventions for apps and add-ons on Splunkbase


  • You may not issue any press releases about your work on Splunk apps or add-ons without being a formal partner of Splunk Inc. and following Splunk’s press release guidelines. Learn more about Splunk’s partner program.


  • When referencing a third party trademark, separate the trademark from the Splunk trademark or the name of the app’s author using the preposition "for" in such a way that both:
    • clarifies that the third-party trademark and associated technology does not belong to Splunk or the author of the app or add-on
    • indicates that the app or add-on works with a specific third-party product. Include the technology name for the third party product.
  • Do not use third party logos unless properly licensed to do so.
  • Use the ® symbol when mentioning Splunk's registered trademarks in all documents, web pages, titles and headers. This is only required the first time you mention the trademark in the text. There is no need to include the ® symbol in subsequent references to the trademark. Examples:
    • Splunk® Enterprise
    • Splunk® software
    • Splunk® App for Enterprise Security
  • Do not use the ® symbol when mentioning the trademarks of other companies in the name or in the description of your app or add-on.

Naming conventions

  • When naming content that a non-Splunk party has built, do not start your content's title with "Splunk". Existing content will receive an error upon update if they have a name that starts with "Splunk".
  • When describing content that a non-Splunk party has built, reference Splunk only in sub-headings or descriptions in the following way to make it clear that the content is designed for use with Splunk and is not built by Splunk or is part of a Splunk product: "...for use with Splunk® Enterprise..."
  • Do not use a full Splunk product name in the name of your app or add-on. For example, name your app "FireEye App for Splunk" rather than "FireEye App for Splunk Enterprise". Provide a description for the app or add-on that clearly states which Splunk products the app or add-on supports.

Naming syntax

Content type Built by Use with third-party trademark? Technology Naming Syntax Examples
app, add-on Splunk yes third-party trademarked technology name (VMware, Microsoft Windows, etc.) Splunk [content type] for [technology] Splunk App for VMware, Splunk App for Microsoft Windows, Splunk Add-on for Bro IDS
app, add-on Splunk no n/a Splunk [creative name] [content type(optional)] Splunk DB Connect, Splunk MINT App
app, add-on non-Splunk entity* yes third-party trademarked technology name (Red Hat, Box) [trademarked technology name] [content type] for Splunk Red Hat Storage App for Splunk
app, add-on non-Splunk entity* no n/a [author’s name or creative name] for Splunk Sideview Web Analytics for Splunk

* Includes Splunk employees who build apps that are community-supported or developer-supported (not Splunk-built and supported).

Content display name compliance

Address the following items in order to bring your content into compliance with updated naming conventions:

  • The app title is a display field. It does not impact the upgrade path for existing users of your content, and will not impact any of your content's functions.
  • The splunkbase URL for the app does not change with the display name change.
  • Make sure that any description, documentation, releases notes etc. that you have in your app also reflects the new name.
  • Any marketing documentation that you have should reference the updated app name.
  • Verify that your content's display name does not start with the name Splunk.

Update your content display name

Modify the name of your content.

  1. Navigate to the app management page.
  2. Click on the Description tab.
  3. Choose a different name that complies with the naming guidelines.

Send any naming questions to splunkbase-admin@splunk.com.

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