Splunk® User Behavior Analytics

Splunk User Behavior Analytics detects unknown and hidden threats using unsupervised machine learning, reducing the need for manual baselining, rule creation, and customization.

Release Notes
What's new in the latest release of Splunk User Behavior Analytics.

Plan and Scale your Splunk UBA Deployment
Learn how to determine the size of the Splunk UBA deployment that's right for you.

Install and Upgrade Splunk User Behavior Analytics
Install and upgrade Splunk User Behavior Analytics.

Get Data into Splunk User Behavior Analytics
Learn how to get data into Splunk User Behavior Analytics.

Send and Receive Data from the Splunk Platform
Learn how Splunk UBA can send data to and receive data from the Splunk platform.

Administer Splunk User Behavior Analytics
Administer Splunk User Behavior Analytics in a single instance or distributed deployment.

Use Splunk User Behavior Analytics
Use Splunk User Behavior Analytics to detect anomalies and threats in your environment.

Develop Custom Content in Splunk User Behavior Analytics
Learn how to create new content in Splunk UBA by cloning existing data models or creating new models.

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Splunk® User Behavior Analytics Monitoring App
The Splunk UBA Monitoring App provides a centralized solution for Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform users to monitor the health of Splunk UBA and investigate Splunk UBA issues directly from Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platform.

Splunk® User Behavior Analytics Kafka Ingestion App
When working with large data sets, you can use the Splunk UBA Kafka Ingestion App to send events from the Splunk platform directly to Kafka. Search results are pushed from your Splunk platform indexers directly to Kafka in Splunk UBA.