Splunk MINT SDK for iOS  5.2.6

Welcome to the the Splunk MINT SDK for iOS!

Use the Splunk MINT SDKs to configure your mobile apps for Splunk MINT. Then, use Splunk MINT to gain insights into all of your mobile apps.

In addition to sending crash reports, you can send additional data to Splunk MINT to monitor specific actions and items in your mobile apps:

  • Monitor transactions. Track any process in your app from start to finish and identify slow transactions that negatively affect the user experience.
  • Add and report events. Add events to your code and report them to track virtually any user activity on your app.
  • Report handled exceptions. Log handled exceptions that occur, along with any custom information you want to add.
  • Add custom data and breadcrumbs to crash reports. Add custom data to your crash reports as key-value pairs. You can also add breadcrumbs to your code to tag events or actions, which are also included in crash reports.
  • Report user-specific data. Track the experience of any given user by adding user identifiers to your code, then you can search for errors that affected a particular user and examine the corresponding crash data.
  • Send log output. Collect and view system debug messages depending on the platform. For example, send LogCat output from Android devices or NSLog messages from iOS devices.
  • Report debug messages. Display debug messages during testing before you deploy to production.
  • Monitor hybrid pages. Use WebView monitoring to track any hybrid pages that are not written in native code.

For more information about using the Splunk MINT SDK for iOS, see the Splunk MINT SDK for iOS Developer Guide.