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Create and customize dashboards 🔗

Create a dashboard 🔗

Before getting started, see Dashboard types in Splunk Observability Cloud for context.

Splunk infrastructure Monitoring makes it easy for you to quickly add simple charts to a new dashboard, then share a copy of that dashboard with others. For more information, see Create simple charts using Splunk Observability Cloud.

To create a dashboard:

  1. Select Dashboard from the Splunk Observability Cloud home page.

  2. Click the Create menu (plus sign) on the navigation bar.

  3. Select Dashboard.


  • If you see Dashboard (unsaved), you have already added charts to a new dashboard and haven’t saved the dashboard yet. Clicking this option opens the unsaved dashboard. You can only have one unsaved dashboard at a time.

  • If you see Dashboard with <n> copied charts, you have copied some charts from one or more dashboards and haven’t yet added any charts to a new (unsaved) dashboard. Clicking this option creates a dashboard and pastes the copied charts into it.

  • In the Chart Builder, when saving a new chart or using Save as to save a copy of an existing chart, you can create a dashboard on which to place the chart.

Change a dashboard’s name or description 🔗

To rename a dashboard or change the dashboard’s description, select Rename on the dashboard’s Actions menu to display the Dashboard Info tab. Make any desired changes, then click Save and close.

Modify built-in dashboards and their charts 🔗

There are various reasons you might want to modify built-in dashboards and charts.

  • You might want to change the filter or time range on a built-in dashboard as you would with any dashboard.

  • Similarly, you might want to make changes to a chart on a built-in dashboard as you would with a chart on any other dashboard.

Because built-in dashboards are read‑only, you cannot directly save filters or time ranges to the dashboard, nor can you make any changes to the charts on the dashboard. Instead, you can use Save as to save a copy of the dashboard.

Alternatively, if you only want to modify a single chart in the dashboard and save it to a different dashboard, click the name of a chart on a built-in dashboard to open it in the Chart Builder view. From there, you can make any changes you like. When you are finished, click Save As at the upper right to save the chart, including any changes you’ve made, to a dashboard of your choice. If you don’t want to save your changes, click Close.