Module System

Module System

As part of Advanced XML deprecation in Splunk Enterprise 6.3, the Module System is also deprecated.
For more information, see Advanced XML Deprecation


The Module System is a set of core Splunk Enterprise software and architecture principles for feature reuse in Splunk apps and add-ons. Module System extension points provide hooks into framework modules, MVC components and patterns, and AJAX to support custom application development.

This term applies to advanced xml.

A module system is a basic artifact that implements application functionality, including UI features. Every item in a Splunk XML view is a module system. The view XML defines the relationship between module systems by providing structure and behavior for the application.

Core modules included with the Splunk Enterprise distribution reside in the $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/search_mrsparkle/modules/ directory. You can list all module systems by viewing http://host:port/modules in your browser.

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