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Upgrade the Collector πŸ”—

The installer script uses one of the supported package managers to install the Collector, for example apt or yum.

When you update the Collector using the official packages, configuration files are never overridden. If you need to update the configuration after an update, edit them manually before backward compatibility is dropped.

Upgrade guidelines πŸ”—

Apply the following changes to the Collector configuration files for specific version upgrades.

From 0.41.0 to 0.42.0 πŸ”—

The Splunk OpenTelemetry Collector used to evaluate user configuration twice and this required escaping of each $ symbol with $$ to prevent unwanted environment variable expansion. The issue was fixed in the 0.42.0 version. Any occurrences of $$ in your configuration need to be replaced with $.

From 0.35.0 to 0.36.0 πŸ”—

Move the config parameter exporters -> otlp -> insecure to exporters -> otlp -> tls -> insecure.

The otlp exporter configuration must look like this:

    endpoint: "${SPLUNK_GATEWAY_URL}:4317"
      insecure: true

From 0.34.0 to 0.35.0 πŸ”—

Move the ballast_size_mib parameter from the memory_limiter processor to the memory_ballast extension, and rename it to size_mib.

    size_mib: ${SPLUNK_BALLAST_SIZE_MIB}

Upgrade the Collector for Kubernetes πŸ”—

To upgrade the Collector for Kubernetes run the following commands:

  • Use the flag --reuse-values to keep the config values you’d already set while installing or using the Collector:

helm upgrade splunk-otel-collector splunk-otel-collector-chart/splunk-otel-collector
  • Use --values config.yaml to override your previous configuration while upgrading:

helm upgrade splunk-otel-collector --values config.yaml splunk-otel-collector-chart/splunk-otel-collector --reuse-values

Read more in the official Helm upgrade options documentation at .

Upgrade the Collector for Linux πŸ”—

Run the following commands on your system to upgrade the Collector. It requires root privileges:

Debian πŸ”—

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade splunk-otel-collector


If the default configuration files in /etc/otel/collector have been modified after the initial installation, you might be prompted to keep the existing files or overwrite the files from the new package.

RPM πŸ”—

The package managers are yum, dnf, and zypper.

sudo yum upgrade splunk-otel-collector


If the default configuration files in /etc/otel/collector have been modified after initial installation, the existing files are preserved and the files from the new package can be installed with an .rpmnew extension.

Upgrade the Collector for Windows πŸ”—

If you used the Windows installer script, to upgrade you can manually download and run the MSI for the desired Collector version from GitHub .

Chocolatey πŸ”—

If you’re using Chocolatey, in order to keep parameters when upgrading, before installation you need to activate the following feature:

choco feature enable -n=useRememberedArgumentsForUpgrades

To upgrade, run the following command in PowerShell:

choco upgrade splunk-otel-collector