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Gather information to open a support request 🔗

If you are an existing customer and are unable to determine why something is not working, you can file a new case using the Splunk Support Portal at Support and Services . Otherwise, contact Splunk Customer Support . See more at Splunk Observability Cloud support.

When opening a support request, it is important to include as much information about the issue as possible. Use this checklist to gather relevant information.

Basic information 🔗

  • What did you try to do?

  • What happened?

  • What did you expect to happen?

  • Have you found a workaround?

  • How impactful is the issue?

  • Can you reproduce the issue?

End-to-end architecture information 🔗

  • What is generating the data?

  • Where was the data configured to go to?

  • What format was the data sent in?

  • How is the next hop configured?

  • Where is the data configured to go from here?

  • What format was the data sent in?

  • Is there any DNS, firewall, networking, or proxy information to be aware of?

Configuration files 🔗

  • Kubernetes: Run kubectl get configmap my-configmap -o yaml >my-configmap.yaml to retrieve the logs.

  • Linux: View the file at /etc/otel/collector.

  • Windows: Configuration files are located inside the C:\ProgramData\Splunk\OpenTelemetry Collector directory.

Logs and debug logs 🔗

  • Docker: Run docker logs my-container >my-container.log to retrieve the logs.

  • Journald: Run journalctl -u my-service >my-service.log to retrieve the logs.

  • Kubernetes: Run the following commands to retrieve the logs.

    kubectl describe pod my-pod
    kubectl logs my-pod otel-collector >my-pod-otel.log
    kubectl logs my-pod fluentd >my-pod-fluentd.log

Support bundle scripts 🔗

Run support bundle scripts to collect information:

  • Kubernetes: Run kubectl-splunk support

  • Linux (if installer script was used): Run /etc/otel/collector/

  • Windows (if MSI installer version 0.34.0 or higher was used): Run C:\Program Files\Splunk\OpenTelemetry Collector\splunk-support-bundle.ps1

This page was last updated on Apr 11, 2024.