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Search in Splunk Observability Cloud 🔗

Use the search from the Splunk Observability Cloud top navigation bar to search for Splunk Application Performance Monitoring (APM) services, traceIDs, dashboards, charts, and more. Regardless of where you are in the Splunk Observability Cloud, you can use the search capability to find metrics-based targets.

Prerequisites 🔗

Search only shows results for Splunk APM if your organization has access to Splunk APM.

Search is currently limited to Splunk APM, dashboards, charts, Infrastructure Monitoring navigators, and docs results.

Supported search prefixes 🔗

Narrow your search results to specific types of objects by using one of the supported search prefixes to indicate what type of information you’re searching for. While wildcard characters are not supported, search does match on substrings.

Supported search prefixes include:

  • metric search

  • dashboard

  • chart

  • team

  • metric

  • integration

  • detector

  • help

  • dimension

  • tag

  • property

  • navigation (takes you to the corresponding page)

  • action

  • trace (APM trace)

  • service (APM service)

  • business workflow (APM workflow)

Use the prefix in a ‘key value pair’ format to narrow your search. For example, enter service: checkoutservice to search for a service named checkoutservice.

You can also search using only the prefix to search for all objects of that type.