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Introduction to Splunk RUM 🔗

With Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM), you can gain insight about the performance and health of the front-end user experience of your application. Splunk RUM offers two solutions:



Splunk RUM for Browser

Splunk RUM for Browser collects performance metrics, web vitals, errors, and other forms of data for every user session to enable you to detect and troubleshoot problems in your application. For a complete view of your application from browser to back-end, integrate with Splunk APM.

Splunk RUM for Mobile

Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM) for Mobile provides visibility into every user session of your native iOS and Android mobile applications by equipping you with comprehensive performance monitoring, directed troubleshooting, and full-stack observability.

What can I do with Splunk RUM? 🔗

Do this

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Learn how to identify errors and other problems like long resource response times in your browser spans.

Scenario: Investigate errors in your browser spans

Create custom events to capture meaningful metrics about customer journeys and user behavior on your site.

Create custom events

Experiment with the demo applications for Splunk RUM for Mobile

Experiment with the demo applications for Splunk RUM for Mobile

Get data in 🔗

To start instrumenting your application with Splunk RUM, see Set up Splunk RUM for mobile and browser applications.