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Validate your test configuration with try now πŸ”—

When you create a test, you have the option to validate the configuration of your test with a try now run.

When to run a test or use try now to validate your test configuration πŸ”—

There are two types of runs in Splunk Synthetic Monitoring try now runs, and persisted runs. A persisted run executes on a schedule and run results are stored, and used for monitoring. Persisted runs are a result of any type of Browser, API, or Uptime test that runs on a schedule. A try now run executes immediately and run results aren’t stored. Try now runs are used to validate a test. Here is some guidance on when to use each type of run.

Type of run

Use cases

Try now run

  • Add on a new test and you want to check that the steps you added are correct.

  • Edit an existing test and you want to make sure that your changes.

Persisted run

  • Review run results.

  • Run a test on a schedule.

Limits πŸ”—

You can run a maximum of 1,000 try now runs per hour for each org.