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Splunk AR version 3.0.0 and higher requires the Splunk App for AR, a companion web app. To learn more, see About the Splunk App for AR.

Set up and use beacons with Splunk AR

Set up a beacon deployment with Splunk AR to associate non-AR, Splunk dashboards with specific locations. Splunk AR presents these dashboards to users when they are within range of the beacons.

See About beacons with Splunk AR to learn more about beacons.

Beacons and associated dashboards are shared among Splunk AR users using the same Splunk Enterprise deployment.


Before using beacons in the Splunk AR app, complete the following steps:

Set up an iBeacon deployment for Splunk AR

Splunk AR supports the iBeacon protocol, which is a beacon implementation method by Apple. Set up the beacon deployment according to the beacon manufacturer's process.

  1. Obtain beacons.
  2. Configure beacon transmission power and advertising frequency.
    A higher transmission power and advertising frequency setting is a tradeoff for battery life, but provides farther range and a more responsive Splunk AR experience.
  3. Generate a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) for the region you want to deploy the beacons in.
    A UUID identifies a collection of beacons that a user assigns to a particular region. See About beacons with Splunk AR to learn about UUID.
  4. Assign any number of beacons to the UUID.
  5. Assign each beacon a unique major value and minor value pair.
  6. Embed the beacons on items or in spaces that you want to monitor or communicate data about, such as equipment or machinery.

Save a beacon region to the Splunk AR app

Provide a UUID to save a beacon region so that Splunk AR can detect beacons. Splunk AR supports up to seven UUIDs.

  1. In the Splunk AR app, tap the three dots icon.
  2. Tap Assets.
  3. Enter a name for the beacon region.
  4. Enter the UUID created during beacon deployment setup.
  5. Tap Save.

Associate dashboards with beacons

Associate dashboards with beacons to present Splunk AR users with dashboards when they're close to beacons.

  1. In the Splunk AR app, tap the three dots icon.
  2. Tap Assets.
  3. Navigate to the Register tab.
  4. Tap the plus sign next to Beacons.
  5. Select a nearby beacon.
  6. Enter a beacon name.
  7. Select the dashboards you want to associate the beacon with.
  8. Tap the save icon.

View dashboards associated with a beacon

View beacon-associated dashboards in the Assets screen of Splunk AR.

  1. Physically enter a beacon region.
  2. In the Splunk AR app, tap the three dots icon.
  3. Tap Assets.
    This displays a list of beacons and their proximity from your device.
  4. Tap a beacon to see its associated dashboards.
Last modified on 28 April, 2022
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® AR for iOS: 4.0.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.0.3

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