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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk® Common Information Model Add-on. Click here for the latest version.
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Release notes for the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on

New features

Version 4.1.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on includes the following new features:

Resolved date Issue number Description
10/14/14 CIM-202 Add category, business unit, and location attributes to Alerts, Databases, Interprocess_Messaging, Network_Sessions, Splunk_Audit, and Ticket_Management.
09/30/14 CIM-217 Add cvss attribute to Vulnerability data model
09/30/14 CIM-219 Add file_size attribute to Email data model
09/18/14 CIM-214 Add "teardown" as acceptable All_Traffic.action value in Network_Traffic data model.
09/16/14 CIM-201, CIM-191, CIM-204 Added fields to the Databases data model: response_time, duration, dest_bunit, dest_category, dest_priority, src_bunit, src_category, src_priority, user_bunit, user_category, user_priority, query, records_affected, and moved user field to top level of model.
09/10/14 CIM-192 Add duration and response_time to the following data models: Authentication, Certificates, Databases, Email, Interprocess Communication, Network Resolution, Network Sessions, Network Traffic, Web.
09/08/14 CIM-10 Add Network Resolution (DNS) data model.
09/05/14 CIM-178 Add Certificates data model.
09/04/14 CIM-200 Add macro to populate a list of all email protocols.
09/04/14 CIM-199 Add way to check if a given set of web domains are cloud domains.

Fixed issues

Version 4.1.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on fixes the following issues:

Resolved date Defect number Description
11/05/14 CIM-244 Confusion between fields protocol, ip_version, and transport in Network Traffic data model. ip_version changed to protocol_version; both protocol and protocol_version now typed as strings.
10/28/14 CIM-212 Databases data model now uses vendor_product rather than vendor and product, for consistency with other models.
10/27/14 CIM-230 Reduce object hierarchy in Network_Traffic and Web data models to improve performance.
10/23/14 CIM-235 Data model required attributes have empty string values. Should be corrected to "unknown".
10/17/14 CIM-233 Network Sessions data model is not getting accelerated, Data model audit shows error "Error in 'eval' command: The arguments to the 'case' function are invalid."
10/16/14 CIM-232 Error in model "Network_Sessions" : Error in 'DataModelEvaluator': JSON for model 'Network_Sessions' is invalid.
10/15/14 CIM-231 "Cached" attribute missing from Web data model.
10/14/14 CIM-229 Make recipient_count default to 1 for Email datamodel.
10/10/14 CIM-223 Pivot: Pivot page throws error "Error in model "Service_Management" : Error in 'DataModelEvaluator': JSON for model 'Service_Management' is invalid."
08/13/14 CIM-185 Splunk_Audit model has a dependency it should not have on TA-splunk.
07/31/14 CIM-180 Fix spelling of received in interprocess messaging.
07/31/14 CIM-173 Make "response_time" a number and optional.
05/23/14 CIM-141 Database model needs to expose an mv field "tag"

Known issues

Version 4.1.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on has the following known issues:

Date Defect number Description
11/12/14 CIM-252 Field "entry" for Network Resolution data model is not needed and should be removed.
11/12/14 CIM-251 Field "time_submitted" in Ticket Management data model should be a time, not a string.
11/06/14 CIM-248 Field "file_size" in Change Analysis data model should be a number, not a string.
11/05/14 CIM-247 Field "icmp_type" in Network Traffic data model should be a number, not a string.
10/24/14 CIM-252 BaseEvent object hierarchy makes accelerated search unwieldy.
10/03/14 CIM-221 Field extraction should avoid variable keys whenever possible.
10/03/14 CIM-220 Event types should avoid KV whenever possible.
07/07/14 CIM-169 Remote search log warning messages from acceleration due to long search strings. Workaround: turn off truncation on indexers in etc/system/local/props.conf as shown:



10/11/13 CIM-85 Inconsistent use of url and uri in Web data model fields.

Third-party software attributions

Version 4.1.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on does not incorporate any third-party software or libraries.

Last modified on 16 September, 2016
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Common Information Model Add-on: 4.1.0

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