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Release notes for the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on

New features

Version 4.3.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on includes the following new features:

Resolved date Issue number Description
2015-09-01 CIM-309 Add severity attribute to the Updates data model.
2015-08-31 CIM-300 Improve performance by allowing users to restrict the indexes searched for each data model in the CIM.
2015-08-31 CIM-303 New setup page UI to support allowing the user to restrict indexes searched on a per-datamodel basis.
2015-05-27 CIM-302 New macros added to the constraints for each data model to support the ability to constrain searches to specific indexes.

Fixed issues

Version 4.3.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on fixes the following issues:

Resolved date Defect number Description
2015-08-17 CIM-310 CIM - Vendor Product Tracker - Lookup Gen does not use summariesonly, preventing the search from completing.
2015-06-16 CIM-306 The app-view_for_splunk_web_access extraction is not strict enough.

Known issues

Version 4.3.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on has the following known issues:

Date Defect number Description
2015-06-18 CIM-307 Improper call to addCellRenderer and render from predictive_analytics.js.
2014-10-24 CIM-238 BaseEvent object hierarchy makes accelerated search unwieldy.
2014-10-10 CIM-226 In Ticket Management, field "dest" should be used for the machine that the ticket concerns.
2014-10-03 CIM-221 Field extraction should avoid variable keys whenever possible.
2014-10-03 CIM-220 Event types should avoid KV whenever possible.
2014-07-07 CIM-169 / SPL-92488 Remote search log warning messages from acceleration due to long search strings. Workaround: turn off truncation on indexers in etc/system/local/props.conf as shown:

[splunkd_remote_searches] TRUNCATE = 0

2013-10-11 CIM-85 Inconsistent use of url and uri in Web data model fields.

Third-party software attributions

Version 4.3.0 of the Splunk Common Information Model Add-on does not incorporate any third-party software or libraries.

Last modified on 07 October, 2015
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Common Information Model Add-on: 4.3.0

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