Custom visualizations

Use custom visualizations to analyze and represent unique data sets.

This documentation covers available Splunk platform custom visualization apps. To learn how to build a custom visualization, see the Custom visualizations developer resources in Developing Views and Apps for Splunk Web.

Related Products

Bullet Graph
Show key performance indicators in context.

Calendar Heat Map
Show a metric as a heat map over time.

Horizon Chart
Track value changes above and below a baseline.

Horseshoe Meter
Gauge metric changes against ranges or a target.

Location Tracker
Track a resource on a map in real time.

Parallel Coordinates
Show relationships between dimensions.

Track metric density over intersecting dimensions.

Sankey Diagram
Show metric flow between categories.

Status Indicator
Use icons and a metric to show status at a glance.

Review activity time intervals and events across a resource set.

Visualize data patterns and hierarchy.