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Release Notes

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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of DBX. Click here for the latest version.
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Release notes

New and changed features

Version 3.1.2 of Splunk DB Connect does not have any new or changed features.

Fixed issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2017-12-15 DBX-4472 rh_healthlog and rh_usage_data are invalid entries in restmap.conf
2017-12-13 DBX-4491 Upgrade third party libraries for CVE-2017-9735 and CVE-2017-7525.
2017-12-13 DBX-4482 Task server listens on all IP addresses
2017-12-09 DBX-4451, DBX-4434 Pooled connections are not closed when a connection is disabled or deleted
2017-12-04 DBX-4400, DBX-4399 Task server cannot start on SHC if captain is static
2017-11-29 DBX-4476 Updating DB credentials are not propagated to inputs and outputs

Known issues

Date filed Issue number Description
2018-11-21 DBX-4707 Update dropwizard dependency to fix CVE
2018-08-22 DBX-4638 Empty host on the connection and the input will fail the input
2018-08-22 DBX-4637 HEC error message is not logged
2018-07-16 DBX-4623 Compatibility issue with splunk_app_db_connect 3.1.3 and TA-Proofpoint-TAP 1.3.117 keeps DBX from loading.

Remove or Downgrade TA-Proofpoint-TAP
2018-06-01 DBX-4616 Need to add extra backlash (escape) in GUI to be able to get literal backslash in query, but this breaks the query in the configuration file, preventing it from running after saving

Create query using GUI, then edit after in configuration file to remove extra backslash


2018-05-16 DBX-4612 Cron expression using both "day of month" and "day of week", isn't supported when used in "Execution Frequency"

Don't use combination of "day of month" and "day of week" field. In some cases you could just use the day of week for the scheduling, depending on where the data is coming from. Although this might not be applicable to all situations.
2018-04-18 DBX-4603 On Windows systems, hitting debug/refresh endpoint with DB Connect installed makes splunkweb not restart

Restart splunk through services.msc
2018-03-27 DBX-4589 java.io.IOException: Push back buffer is full

In some cases reducing the amount of data returned, by limiting the timeframe of returned events in the search will work
2018-03-13 DBX-4585 Output does not work if column's name contains special characters i.e. dot, space

Edit the conf file to wrap the field with the DB quote identifier such as back quote for MySQL or square brackets for SQL Server
2018-01-09 DBX-4527 dbxquery cannot start on Splunk Enterprise 7+ if users set a time zone in their preferences
2017-10-10 DBX-4454 Invalid rising column index value when non-indexable columns are skipped

Remove non-indexable columns from the query. All data that are binary data are non-indexable  such as the following SQL types: TINYBLOB, BLOB, MEDIUMBLOB, LONGBLOB, BINARY, VARBINARY, IMAGE, LOB. This list is not comprehensive because some databases define their own non-standard types.

Cast the column to text format

2017-09-08 DBX-4436 dbxquery fails with an OutOfMemoryError when returning large data set i.e. GB of data
2017-07-19 DBX-4387 Splunk cannot be restarted via web interface, deployer or deployment server on Windows

Use the CLI or the services control panel (services.msc) to restart Splunk
2017-07-16 DBX-4382 Output is slow when upsert is enabled
2017-07-12 DBX-4377 File permission check returns false positive on Windows
2017-03-26 DBX-3985 Kerberos health check is not supported in windows
2016-12-14 DBX-3610 "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE" and "TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE" can not be used in rising column input

Use cast/convert to convert the timestamp with timezone to a timestamp
2016-10-18 DBX-3309 dbxquery command returns misordered columns
Last modified on 01 September, 2021

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® DB Connect: 3.1.2

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