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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk® DB Connect. For documentation on the most recent version, go to the latest release.
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The dbx_settings.conf file contains DB Connect settings such as the $JAVA_HOME path, the JVM Options string, and Splunk usage collection. These settings can also be configured in DB Connect on the Settings page.

# @copyright@

javaHome = <string>
# optional
# Specifies the path to Java home. The path defined will be used to resolve the
# java command location. Typically, the /bin/java or \bin\java.exe will be
# appended to this path to resolve the command location on *nix and windows
# respectively.
# If not specified the JAVA_HOME environment variable is used.
# If JAVA_HOME is also undefined, the JAVA command is directly used. In that case,
# java command must be defined in the PATH environment variable.

dbxquery = [TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR]
# set the log level for dbxquery command

dbxoutput = [TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR]
# set the log level for dbxoutput command

dbxlookup = [TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR]
# set the log level for dbxlookup command

dbinput = [TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR]
# set the log level for db inputs

dboutput = [TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR]
# set the log level for db outputs

connector = [TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR]
# set the log level for all the interactions with DBs

# when HEC failed to forward data to Splunk Indexer, it will return 503 error,
# then DBX will retry 3 times by default with exponential backoff
maxRetryWhenHecUnavailable = <integer>

# maxHecContentLength setup max event size, default is 10MB
maxHecContentLength = <integer>

# HEC URIs: https://<idx-host1>:8088,https://<idx-host2>:8088,...
hecUris = <comma-seperated-hec-uri>

# HEC token for HEC URIs above
hecToken = <hec-token>

# Lower case field name for backward compatibility with dbx 1.x
# By default it is false
hecFieldNameLowerCase = <true|false>
Last modified on 07 February, 2022
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® DB Connect: 3.8.0, 3.9.0, 3.10.0

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