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Release Notes

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Splunk Enterprise Security version 4.6.x is available only to Splunk Cloud subscribers.
This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk® Enterprise Security. Click here for the latest version.
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Fixed Issues for Splunk Enterprise Security

The following issues have been resolved for this version of Splunk Enterprise Security.

Highlighted issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2016-10-26 SOLNESS-10729 Unable to access the Setup page for ES 4.5.0 on Splunk 6.5.0 Windows or 6.4.1 Linux

Uncategorized issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2017-01-05 SOLNESS-10834, SOLNESS-11236 Configuration check not creating checkpoint file
2016-12-15 SOLNESS-11152 General settings: Link to edit asset and identity settings in manager results in a 404 error
2016-12-15 SOLNESS-10464 Edits to key security indicators do not update until page refresh
2016-12-14 SOLNESS-10514, SPL-129214 Editing a Splunk Enterprise Security dashboard on 6.5.0 spawns endless submit buttons with custom div
2016-12-13 SOLNESS-10521, APPSC-1769 Glass table: Ad hoc search does not show earliest time selector.
2016-12-13 SOLNESS-5997 Notable Update: Audit logging improvements
2016-12-12 SOLNESS-10523 Parameter default value not displayed in ARF dialog
2016-12-12 SOLNESS-10468 Identity Correlation: KV store collection changes not detected.
2016-12-08 SOLNESS-9311, SOLNESS-11247 Incident Review: form tokens aren't passed to the URL when filtering dashboard.
2016-12-07 SOLNESS-10821, CIM-447, CIM-472 ES search commands should log in gmtime()
2016-12-07 SOLNESS-10762, APPSC-1916 KSIs without "display.visualizations.singlevalue.underLabel" set won't render in GlassTable
2016-12-06 SOLNESS-11005, SOLNESS-11146 Notable Event Statuses do not refresh properly on SHC environments
2016-12-05 SOLNESS-10413, ADDON-11310 ES SHC Upgrade: Upgrading ES to 4.5.x results in Credential Management breaking
2016-12-02 SOLNESS-8868 Guided Correlation Search editor: aggregates can overwrite each other (Stats view)
2016-11-15 SOLNESS-10490, SOLNESS-10405, SOLNESS-10844 Drilldown from Adaptive Responses table on Incident Review fails if a custom adaptive response action includes the drilldown_uri parameter in the param._cam JSON blob but leaves its value blank
2016-11-14 SOLNESS-10747 Lookup editor does not allow scrolling across columns or down rows
2016-11-11 SOLNESS-10660, SOLNESS-10863 Asset correlation missing "ip" field as output field
2016-11-08 SOLNESS-10643 Threat Activity: Search waiting for input on Splunk Enterprise 6.5.x
2016-10-24 SOLNESS-10720 Correlation search "Access - Inactive Account Usage - Rule" does not parse correctly
2016-10-24 SOLNESS-10531, SOLNESS-10862 Threat intelligence distributed by hailataxii.com TAXII feed may include invalid leading colons
2016-10-24 SOLNESS-10559, SOLNESS-10814 confcheck_failed_threat_download.py throws error stating that "A threat intelligence download has failed" even when the threat download was executed correctly.
2016-10-18 SOLNESS-10561 Notable Suppressions page doesn't display status field on IE11
2016-10-18 SOLNESS-10654 ES installation should stop when there is failure at any stage
2016-10-03 SOLNESS-10528, SOLNESS-10534, SOLNESS-10548 Identity_Management.Expired_User_Activity object does not take the _time of the event into account
2016-09-22 SOLNESS-10507 Update Center panel Top Updates Needed gives an error when there isn't data
Last modified on 13 August, 2022
Release Notes for Splunk Enterprise Security
Known Issues for Splunk Enterprise Security

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise Security: 4.6.0 Cloud only

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