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Known Issues for Splunk Enterprise Security

The following are issues and workarounds for this version of Splunk Enterprise Security.

Highlighted issues

Date filed Issue number Description
2018-02-20 SOLNESS-14637 Splunk Web doesn't start after upgrading Splunk Enterprise Security

Remove Advanced XML module folder and contents from the installation.

For instance:


Uncategorized issues

Date filed Issue number Description
2020-01-07 SOLNESS-21102, SOLNESS-21222 Risk Framework: Lookup Gen search are not dedup mv fields which is skewing results on IR Page
2019-09-30 SOLNESS-20299 Bug in libtaxii causing TLS handshake failure on TAXII feeds

Update libtaxii to version 1.1.114 in SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/SA-ThreatIntelligence/contrib
2019-05-01 SOLNESS-18806, SOLNESS-18659 IP Intelligence Threat Retention Search is not working due to threat_key name of a lookup
2019-04-26 SOLNESS-18774, SOLNESS-18659 IP Intelligence Threat Retention Search is not working due to threat_key name of a lookup
2019-04-12 SOLNESS-18662 whois modular input does not permit realm specifications for api_user or proxy_user

Remove realm from credential.
2019-04-12 SOLNESS-18661 Hardcoded http URI in whois_handlers.py
2019-02-19 SOLNESS-18079 Port And Protocol Tracker Lookup Gen isn't tracking allowed ports
2019-02-07 SOLNESS-17946 Security Domains CSV (security_domains.csv) overwritten during upgrade
2018-12-17 SOLNESS-17291, RTO-337 expandtoken errors with "field larger than field limit"

# The default of the csv module is 128KB; upping to 10MB. See SPL-12117 for
  1. the background on issues surrounding field sizes.
  2. (this method is new in python 2.5)



2018-12-11 SOLNESS-17293 Expected Host Not Reporting correlation does not persist host tags
2018-10-04 SOLNESS-16696 Error in error logging in managed_nav_rest_handler.py
2018-10-02 SOLNESS-16673 ES Installer -- FIPS never gets enabled
2018-09-18 SOLNESS-16563 globedistance macro units syntax does not match usage in summary gen search

The following syntax for Access - Geographically Improbable Access - Summary Gen:

eval key=mvsort(mvappend(src."->".dest, NULL, dest."->".src)) | dedup key, user | `globedistance(src_lat,src_long,dest_lat,dest_long,"m")`

Should be:
eval key=mvsort(mvappend(src."->".dest, NULL, dest."->".src)),units="m" | dedup key, user | `globedistance(src_lat,src_long,dest_lat,dest_long,units)`
2018-09-15 SOLNESS-16550 Workbench Inventory Panel treating user token as an asset
2018-08-15 SOLNESS-16219 Identity Management: inputs.conf ootb disablement does not align with macros.conf
2018-08-01 SOLNESS-15993, SOLNESS-16146 Threat Intelligence upload cancel button not working
2018-06-22 SOLNESS-15800 Multi-select drag on Asset Investigator does not display details on the screen with error message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sign_board' of undefined." on Chrome Java Console.

2018-06-11 SOLNESS-15654, SOLNESS-14643 Post upgrade process does not re-enable all the apps
2018-05-25 SOLNESS-15528 Threat Intel parsing error when documents without stanzas are parsed.
2018-05-10 SOLNESS-15402, SOLNESS-15456 Incident Review: non-admin users cannot tag notable events

Update ACLs for SA-ThreatIntelligence to permit non-admins write access to "tags". For instance,

access = read : [ * ], write : [ admin, ess_analyst ]
2018-05-02 SOLNESS-15348, SOLNESS-15344 Adaptive Response section on Correlation Search Editor breaks when no data is returned
2018-04-30 SOLNESS-15332 Access - Inactive Account Usage: Zero results when drilling down
2018-04-25 SOLNESS-15277 SHC Destructive Resync puts SHC Captains hostname into Members inputs.conf
2018-04-20 SOLNESS-15253, SOLNESS-15541 Navigation Editor: do not allow one to select "default view" for a link
2018-04-19 SOLNESS-15251 Audit - Script Errors: Exit code 114 is normal for instrumentation.py and should be whitelisted
2018-04-15 SOLNESS-15203 Logic for "Should Timesync Host Not Syncing" correlation is faulty
2018-04-10 SOLNESS-15132, SOLNESS-15100 Correlation Search Guided Mode UI: Truncating Datamodel list because of missing count
2018-04-10 SOLNESS-15128 Threat Intelligence Manager appears to be parsing the entire apps directory
2018-03-29 SOLNESS-15051 maxmind_geoip_asn_ipv6 encoding should be latin1
2018-03-28 SOLNESS-15042 Unable to parse and import some STIX files obtained from www.us-cert.gov. NamespaceNotFoundError: Namespace not found: http://us-cert.gov/ciscp
2018-03-28 SOLNESS-15033 contentinfo datamodel regex parser for tstats/from is incorrect
2018-03-22 SOLNESS-14982 Extreme Search app unintentionally downgraded
2018-03-20 SOLNESS-14964 ES correlation searches export feature generates wrong settings for counttype, relation and quantity

Manually fix wrong names generated by correlation search export.
2018-03-19 SOLNESS-14947, SOLNESS-15058 "Audit - Script Errors" incorrectly report running scripts as in unknown state

Change the search string of "Audit - Script Errors" from SA-Utils to:

{noformat} | rest /services/admin/inputstatus/ModularInputs:modular%20input%20commands splunk_server=local count=0 | append [| rest /services/admin/inputstatus/ExecProcessor:exec%20commands splunk_server=local count=0] | fields inputs* | transpose | rex field=column "inputs(?<script>\S+)(?:\s\((?<stanza>[^\(]+)\))?\.(?<key>(exit status description)|(time closed)|(time opened))" | eval value=coalesce('row 1', 'row 2'), stanza=coalesce(stanza, "default"), started=if(key=="time opened", value, started), stopped=if(key=="time closed", value, stopped) | rex field=value "exited\s+with\s+code\s+(?<exit_status>\d+)" | stats first(started) as started, first(stopped) as stopped, first(exit_status) as exit_status by script, stanza | eval errmsg=case(exit_status=="0", null(), isnotnull(exit_status), "A script exited abnormally with exit status: "+exit_status, isnull(started) or isnotnull(stopped), "A script is in an unknown state"), ignore=if(`script_error_msg_ignore`, 1, 0) | where isnotnull(errmsg) AND ignore=0 {noformat}

2018-03-06 SOLNESS-14813 Blank setup page for ES Fresh Install

Temporarily remove apps deployed via deployment server and restart.
2018-03-02 SOLNESS-14793 is_threatintel = 0 May still process Intelligence Download as threat intelligence if there is outstanding threat intelligence files

Go to  /apps/SA-ThreatIntelligence/local/data/threat_intel/<threatlist_filename>.csv and delete
2018-02-13 SOLNESS-14596 TA-cef: (KV_MODE=auto) does not properly extract CEF events
2018-01-18 SOLNESS-14237 500 server error when users without admin_all_object capability saves Identity Lookup Setting.
2017-11-09 SOLNESS-12599 Glass table lines always appear at the front, even when sent to back.
2017-09-25 SOLNESS-12421 New ES Lookup Editor: Cannot re-enable disabled managed lookups
2017-04-05 SOLNESS-11913 Glasstable searches containing | rest may display inaccurate results on Core Splunk 6.6+

Log in as a user who is a member of or inherits the "admin" role to ensure that the data presented in the Glass Table view is complete.
2017-03-30 SOLNESS-11872 Session Center Page : UBA tab : Export to PDF does not include UBA results
2017-01-13 SOLNESS-11296 SA-ExtremeSearch display_context view does not work in Splunk platform 6.5+

Download the Extreme Search Visualizations app from Splunkbase to use updated dashboards that are compatible with newer versions of the Splunk platform.
2016-12-12 SOLNESS-11120 When printing a dashboard, key indicators show up large and with the drilldown link in parentheses.
Last modified on 08 February, 2020
Fixed Issues for Splunk Enterprise Security
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