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Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) versions 6.0.0, 6.0.1, and 6.3.0 are no longer available for download from Splunkbase as of April 15, 2021. Please upgrade to the latest version of Splunk Enterprise Security to avoid any potential issues with Assets and Identity management.
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Fixed Issues for Splunk Enterprise Security

The following issues have been resolved for this version of Splunk Enterprise Security.

Date resolved Issue number Description
2019-10-14 SOLNESS-20459 dm_accel_settings manager page still exposes deprecated manual_rebuilds parameter
2019-09-23 SOLNESS-20202 Certificate Manager doesn't permit .key
2019-09-18 SOLNESS-20145 Expired User Activity picks up splunkd search logs via audittrail
2019-09-12 SOLNESS-19835 Content Management: Audit - Index Readiness search consuming to many disk resources
2019-09-09 SOLNESS-19413, SOLNESS-20461 Threat Intelligence Samples Removed in ES 6.0
2019-09-09 SOLNESS-18935 Analytic Story Details View - Empty References Bullet
2019-07-30 SOLNESS-19368 iplocation has a field called 'lon' in Splunk and 'long' in Enterprise Security
2019-06-27 SOLNESS-19277 Manual Notable Event Creation: orig_time does not persist proper _time from event
2019-06-26 SOLNESS-17394, SOLNESS-19303 Threat Activity dashboard shows no results on load
2019-06-21 SOLNESS-19167, SOLNESS-19186 Next Steps disappear when creating Short ID.
2019-06-20 SOLNESS-19257 UBA Asset/Identity Investigator Swimlanes never return results
2019-06-17 SOLNESS-18917 PDF printout of Investigations timeline (.../ess_investigation?id=*&visual=timeline) does not match timeline (not in chronological order)
2019-06-03 SOLNESS-18518, SOLNESS-18993 ES AR UI fully breaks on single "bad" AR HTML UI
2019-05-21 SOLNESS-17110 ES notable events has different urgencies which are not listed in the urgency lookup.
2019-05-13 SOLNESS-18821 Asset/Identity Investigators on first load progress balls on bottom of page and side of page need to be removed
2019-05-06 SOLNESS-18447, SOLNESS-18534 Progress bar freezes when deleting multiple investigations
2019-04-25 SOLNESS-18662 whois modular input does not permit realm specifications for api_user or proxy_user
2019-04-25 SOLNESS-18661 Hardcoded http URI in whois_handlers.py
2019-04-10 SOLNESS-18521, SOLNESS-18523 Adaptive Response's are being truncated in the correlation search editor page
2019-04-02 SOLNESS-17965 "Email Address Matches" generating search not domain matching properly
Last modified on 29 October, 2019
Release Notes for Splunk Enterprise Security
Known Issues for Splunk Enterprise Security

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