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Known issues for Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security 7.0.1 was released on March 3, 2022. For more information on release dates for the major versions of Splunk Enterprise Security, see Software Support Policy page.

This release includes the following known issues:

Date filed Issue number Description
2023-02-06 SOLNESS-34719 ES performance is slow. The modular_action_invocations take too long to run.
2023-01-03 SOLNESS-34301 Console JS Error when trying to open Risk Event Timeline for risk notable
2022-12-19 SOLNESS-34219 Workflow action on ES does not populate the $field$ in Incident Review.
2022-11-17 SOLNESS-33744 The eventtype website_watchlist does not exist or is disabled due to empty searches in the default eventtypes from DA-ESS-NetworkProtection.

*As a workaround, one can disable the eventtypes locally and set a pseudo value for the search: (altrhough only disabling the eventtypes should be necessary)*


[website_watchlist] search = noop


[eventtype=website_watchlist] watchlist = disabled web_watchlist = disabled{noformat}

2022-11-08 SOLNESS-33486 Identity investigator dashboard not filtering_escaping mydomain/username
2022-10-03 SOLNESS-32886 Use original time as the basis for the risk event timeline while using risk based alerting in Splunk Enterprise Security.
2022-10-03 SOLNESS-32889 Error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'trim')" when attempting to create a new correlation search


2022-09-21 SOLNESS-32798 Special character handling issues for risk objects in Incident Review.

If a correlation search is handling special characters incorrectly, then the drill-down search within the notable under Adaptive Response Actions must be updated. Change the tokenized value that is wrapped in quotes by removing the quotes and adding the correct token filter, in this case '|s'.

For example, within the correlation search: "Risk Threshold Exceeded For Object Over 24 Hour Period", update the risk object within the Adaptive Response Action Drill-down search for the notable. Change the risk object in the SPL from Template:Risk object="$risk object$" to {{risk_object=$risk_object|s$}}.

2022-09-21 SOLNESS-32782 DA-ESS-AccessProtection searches "Change - Account Lockouts" and "Change - Number Of Account Lockouts" must use All_Changes.action instead of All_Changes.result.
2022-09-14 SOLNESS-32650 Clicking on a risk factor in the Content Management always displays the first risk factor.
2022-09-14 SOLNESS-32647 Saved searches created in Content Management with private settings are not displayed on the Content Management page in Splunk Enterprise Security.
2022-09-07 SOLNESS-32604 Incident Review doesn't send "search" workflow actions to Search page
2022-08-17 SOLNESS-32194 Filter and search issues on the Notable Event Suppression page.
2022-08-12 SOLNESS-32134 Correlation search for ES Threat Activity Detected is incorrect.
2022-08-11 SOLNESS-32131 Unable to edit lookup files in Splunk Enterprise Security using Content Management.
2022-08-08 SOLNESS-31995 The custom filter on the Incident Review page truncates to the maximum screen resolution without providing a scroll bar and access to Manage filter.

Zoom out to access all filters and retrieve access to the *Manage filter* button located at the bottom of the dropdown.
2022-07-08 SOLNESS-31614 Having a "delim regex" causes the "extract regex" to be ignored
2022-07-08 SOLNESS-31613, SOLNESS-31949 Removing the "skip header lines" causes an exception.
2022-07-07 SOLNESS-31605, SOLNESS-32641 Lookups must have maximum size limit specified in threatlist.py.
2022-06-13 SOLNESS-31295, SOLNESS-30377 Extreme lag in displaying dropdown values for large amount of data eg:, Short ID
2022-06-06 SOLNESS-31223 Slow performance for the Content Management and Incident Review dashboards

2022-04-21 SOLNESS-30831 ES upgrade from 6.4.1 to 7.0.1 fails with status="500"

2022-04-20 SOLNESS-30798 A correlation search with double quotes in its name breaks source filtering logic on the Incident Review page.
2022-04-19 SOLNESS-30750 Some portion of UI renders white in ES dark mode
2022-04-19 SOLNESS-30749 Excessively large threat intelligence sources are not ingested by the Splunk Enterprise Security Threat Intelligence framework.
2022-02-07 SOLNESS-34215 Recent risk modifiers drill down show no results after five minutes.
2022-01-31 SOLNESS-29825 Short IDs created before upgrading to ES 7.0 do not show up in Incident Review even though the Short ID is in the notable_xref_lookup.

When you upgrade Splunk Enterprise Security to versions 7.0.0 or higher, the short IDs for notables that were created prior to the upgrade are not displayed on the Incident Review page. However, you can recreate all the short IDs that were available prior to the upgrade.
2022-01-12 SOLNESS-29657 Clicking the Actions dropdown for notables on the Incident Review page results in a blank page.

Ensure that the following workflow actions: modaction_results and modaction_invocations are enabled. You can enable these two default workflow actions using the Splunk Enterprise Security UI as follows:
  1. Click *Settings > Fields >Workflow Actions.
  2. * Search for modaction_results and select *Enable*. Alternatively, you can upgrade Splunk Enterprise Security to version 7.0.x.

Last modified on 06 April, 2023
Fixed issues for Splunk Enterprise Security
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise Security: 7.0.1

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