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Log files in Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security uses many custom log files to log errors and activity specific to the application.

Use the log files to check for activity

You can check the log files for errors and activity. The path for all log files is $SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/.

You can also use log files from the Splunk platform to audit Splunk Enterprise Security activity using these log files: splunkd_access.log and audit.log.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
analyticstory_rest_handler Analytic Stories: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations for analytics stories.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
app_certs_rest_handler Application Certificates: REST Handler SA-Utils Logs CRUD options for certificates uploaded via the "Credential Management" page.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
app_imports_update App Imports Update: REST Handler SA-Utils Checks if apps, which had previously been imported, are not exporting their knowledge objects globally so that they are visible within ES. The output is complementary to the configuration_check.log file.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
app_permissions_manager App Permissions: Modular Input SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs when permissions policies are changed or enforced.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
app_permissions_rest_handler App Permissions: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Persistent rest handler for returning a list of ES permissions related to the the ess_permissions page.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
appmaker:base_class App Maker: Base SA-Utils Super class for all the appmaker scripts. The make_on_prem.py script is used on Distributed Conf Management, which also has its own log file. The make_index_time_properties.py script is used by Distribute Conf Download. Th make_content_pack.py script is used on Content Management when exporting knowledge objects.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
appmaker:make_content_pack App Maker: Make Content Pack SA-Utils Logs when exporting from Content Management into an app.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
appmaker:make_on_prem App Maker: Make On Prem SA-Utils Logs when downloading the distributed configuration management application "Splunk_TA_AROnPrem" in General Settings.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
appmaker:rest_handler App Maker: REST Handler SA-Utils Logs export requests from the Content Management page, including the export package name as well as the download requests for exported packages.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
apps_shc_es_deployer_rest_handler SHC Installer: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Persistent rest handler for managing apps on a search head cluster deployer.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
configuration_check Configuration Check: Modular Input SA-Utils Logs output messages of the confcheck migration scripts, such as when migration from correlationsearches.conf to savedsearches.conf fails.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
contentinfo ContentInfo: Search Command SA-Utils Logs the data sources referenced by contentinfo search-related objects.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
contentinfo_rest_handler ContentInfo: REST Handler SA-Utils Logs errors and successful operations to the contentinfo REST handler and associated components, as used mostly by the Use Case Library and Analytic Story pages.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
correlationsearches:migration_rest_handler Correlation Migration: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs when migration from correlationsearches.conf to savedsearches.conf fails.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
customsearchbuilder:rest_handler Custom Search Builder: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs when the search syntax of a correlation search, a lookup generating search, or an Assets and Identities LDAP search cannot be created or is incorrect.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
data_migrator Data Migrator: Modular Input SA-Utils Logs migration operations during ES upgrades. For example, when searches are executed as first-time run tasks or when a CSV lookup table is migrated to a KV store collection during an app upgrade.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
datamodelsimple Data Model Simple: Search Command Splunk_SA_CIM Logs when datamodelsimple starts and finishes processing in a search command.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
identity_correlation:merge Identity Correlation Merge: Search Command SA-IdentityManagement Logs the status of the search process during asset and identity merge.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
es_investigations_rest_handler ES Investigations Conf: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Returns knowledge objects and handles change request for them, also enforces schemas and other stanza-specific prefixes and so on.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
esconfighealth ES Configuration Health: Search Command SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite For installation and upgrade, logs the health of ES configurations against a manifest file that ships with each ES release. This typically logs as a result of running a config health check through the ES Configuration Health custom search command feature.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
ess_configured_handler ES Configured: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs current configured version state of search head cluster captains and search head cluster members for ES during setup and reset.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
ess_content_importer ES Content Importer: Modular Input SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs when importing content from installed apps.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
essinstall2 ES Installer: Search Command SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs installation status after setup completes.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
event_sequencing_engine_log Event Sequencing Engine: Search Command SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs event sequencing engine operations such as terminate for sequence templates.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
expectedactivity Expected Activity: Search Command SA-Utils Pertains to the Expected Activity custom search command. Logs when filling in gaps in results in preparation for use in statistical calculations. For example in stats, chart, or timechart.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
governance:rest_handler Governance: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs when handling governance configurations and collections.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
identity_correlation:delete Identity Correlation Delete: Search Command SA-IdentityManagement Logs when pruning identities marked for deletion from the assets_by_str, assets_by_cidr, or identities_expanded collections.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
identity_correlation:rest_handler Identity Correlation: REST Handler SA-IdentityManagement Logs when creating, editing, validating, and deleting correlations for automatic lookups.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
identity_correlation:modular_input Identity Correlation: Modular Input SA-IdentityManagement Logs when asset and identity information is merged into Splunk asset and identity lookup tables.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
identity_correlation:identitymapper Identity Mapper: REST Handler SA-IdentityManagement Logs during reverse lookup searches for assets or identities.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
investigation_rest_handler Investigation Workbench: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs errors and such related to investigations, such as investigation data, entries, attachments, and cross-references to investigations from the Incident Review dashboard.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
log_review_rest_handler Log Review Conf: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs management information for REST changes made to log_review.conf, which is used by the Incident Review dashboard and Incident Review Settings page.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
lookup_table_custom_rest_handler Lookup Table Custom: REST Handler SA-Utils Logs interactions with ES-managed csv lookups, including uploading new lookups through content management, as well as editing lookups in the lookup editor.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
managed_lookups_rest_handler Managed Lookups: REST Handler SA-Utils Logs internal operations such as settings checks for managed lookups.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
managed_nav_rest_handler Managed Navigation: REST Handler SA-Utils Logs CRUD operations for the ES navigation menu, typically through the Navigation editor page.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
modaction:adhoc_rest_handler Modular Action Adhoc: REST Handler Splunk_SA_CIM CIM: Adaptive Response actions execution. Logs when ad hoc searches result in adaptive response actions.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
modaction:invocations_rest_handler Modular Action Invocations: REST Handler Splunk_SA_CIM CIM: Adaptive Response actions execution


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
modaction:queue_handler Modular Action Queue: REST Handler Splunk_SA_CIM Logs when handling the queue for Common Action Model properties.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
notable_event_suppression Notable Event Suppression: Base SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs when managing notable event suppressions.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
notable_event_suppression:autoDisable Notable Event Suppression: Auto Disable SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs on auto-disable for notable event suppressions of Adhoc Risk Events.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
notable_update_rest_handler Notable Event Update: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs when changing notable events in Incident Review.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
outputcheckpoint Output Checkpoint: Search Command SA-Utils Logs when outputting the results of the previous search pipeline to a modular input checkpoint directory.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
per_panel_filtering Per Panel Filtering SA-Utils Logs per panel filtering changes.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
relaymodaction Modular Action Relay: Modular Input Splunk_SA_CIM Logs when managing remote Splunk instance modular actions.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
reviewstatuses:rest_handler Reviewstatuses: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs when handling knowledge objects for configuring notable statuses and investigation statuses.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
sequence_instance_rest_handler Sequence Instance: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs when handling an instance of a running sequenced event.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
sequence_templates_rest_handler Sequence Templates: REST Handler SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite Logs when making CRUD operations to the configuration of sequence templates.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
sorttimecols Sort Time Columns: Search Command SA-Utils Pertains to the sorttimecols custom search command. Logs when using the sorttimecols commands to sort columns in a result set by time.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
notable_event_suppression:rest_handler Notable Event Suppression: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence REST handler for notable suppression create and edit. For use in conjunction with the notable_event_suppression.log file.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
threatintel:file_upload_rest_handler Threat Intel Upload: REST Handler DA-ESS-ThreatIntelligence rest handler for uploading threat intelligence files


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
threatintel:manager Threat Intel Manager: Modular Input DA-ESS-ThreatIntelligence Logs when the modular input parses the threat sources and updates the KV Store threat collections with any new intelligence.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
threatintel:rest_handler Threat Intel: REST Handler DA-ESS-ThreatIntelligence Logs activity of threat intel endpoints.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
threatintel:download Intelligence Download: Modular Input SA-ThreatIntelligence Logs the status of threat intel downloads, including success and failure.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
transitioners_rest_handler Transitioners: REST Handler SA-ThreatIntelligence notable status handler, checking permission who can change status, also migrates from authorize.conf to reviewstatuses.conf.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
uba:rest_handler UBA: REST Handler SA-UEBA Pertains to the UBA Integration rest handler.


Sourcetype Component Eai:acl.app Description
whois_manager Whois Manager: Modular Input SA-NetworkProtection Logs when executing the whois modular input data.

Use search to check for activity

You can use search to check for errors and activity. The majority of sourcetypes can be searched in the _internal index. The notable_update_rest_handler can also be searched for as a source in the _audit index.

Searching the _internal index for notable_update_rest_handler will show you, for example, what happens during the handler review process. Example search:

index=_internal sourcetype="notable_update_rest_handler"

Example response:

i Time Event
> 12/2/19 3:07:16.525 PM 2019-12-02 20:07:16,525+0000 INFO pid=8649 tid=MainThread file=rest_handler.py:handle:728 NotableEventUpdate.handle_post duration=4.474

host = hostname = /usr/local/bamboo/splunk-install/current/var/log/splunk/notable_update_rest_handler.log sourcetype = notable_update_rest_handler

> 12/2/19 3:07:16.524 PM 2019-12-02 20:07:16,524+0000 INFO pid=8649 tid=MainThread file=notable_update_rest_handler.py:setStatuses:957 Done editing events matching search admin__admin__SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite__RMD57f02abc0263583b0

_1575317218.11939 host = hostname = /usr/local/bamboo/splunk-install/current/var/log/splunk/notable_update_rest_handler.log sourcetype = notable_update_rest_handler

> 12/2/19 3:07:16.524 PM 2019-12-02 20:07:16,524+0000 INFO pid=8649 tid=MainThread file=cim_actions.py:message:425 I sendmodaction - worker="soln-esnightly1" signature="Successfully created splunk events" action_name="notable_event_edit" digest_mode="1" action_mode="adhoc" event_count="1"

host = hostname source = /usr/local/bamboo/splunk-install/current/var/log/splunk/notable_update_rest_handler.log sourcetype = notable_update_rest_handler

Searching the _audit index for the source of notable_update_rest_handler will show you, for example, what was saved to the KV Store during the handler processing. This is not necessarily for troubleshooting, but more specific to incident review activity.

Example search:

index=_audit sourcetype="incident_review"

Example response:

i Time Event
> 12/2/19 3:07:13.090 PM 1575317233.09,19E67472-762C-4636-9A91-E4CF6B4BD885@@notable@@15c339addb8d09e6d8a24176beafd9792bd84f45,Host With Multiple Infections,4,esadmin,high,comment,admin,True

host = hostname source = notable_update_rest_handler sourcetype = incident_review

Last modified on 19 January, 2022
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise Security: 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.1.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.2.0, 7.3.0, 7.3.1, 7.3.2

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