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Release Notes for Splunk App for Infrastructure

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Known issues for Splunk App for Infrastructure

The Splunk App for Infrastructure version 1.2.3 has the following known issues.

Date filed Issue number Description
2019-06-28 SII-4832, SII-4831 libcurl4 is incompatible with the write_splunk collectd plugin. This affects Ubuntu 18.04.

Replace libcurl4 with libcurl3.
2019-04-29 SII-4143 The write_splunk plug-in for collectd fails to connect because of an SSL connect error.

Update NSS Network Security Services (NSS) to the latest version:
 $ yum update nss

2019-04-17 SII-4034 The data collection script for Mac OS X prompts you to enter your password multiple times.
2019-04-17 SII-4031 Collectd fails to install on Mac OS X.

1. Ensure that Homebrew can access required directories by giving the user some new permissions:

     $ sudo chown -R "$USER":admin /usr/local

     $ sudo chown -R "$USER":admin /Library/Caches/Homebrew 

2. Delete the old Homebrew directory and start again:

     $ sudo rm -R /usr/local/Homebrew 

2019-04-15 SII-3959 You may not be able to search using custom dimensions that you extract from the hostname.
2019-04-15 SII-3958 In Perfmon inputs, the _meta = entity_type::Windows_Host field value pair is not displayed in the index or the Splunk App for Infrastructure.
2019-04-03 SII-3915 You cannot customize email settings using Splunk Enterprise email notification settings.
2019-04-03 SII-3921 Separate CloudWatch logs are combined in the Analysis Workspace.
2019-03-27 SII-3893 Collection intervals for Windows and Linux OS metrics.
2019-03-27 SII-3892 pagination issue when deleting in bulk
2019-03-14 SII-3812 Using Bulk Delete for a single entity may generate an error.
2019-03-01 SII-3749 Single value performance indicators in the Overview Workspace do not refresh.
2019-02-22 SII-3713 The app will not discover universal forwarder inputs on a host if the host's local language is not English.
2019-02-21 SII-3704 Non-admin users cannot interact with alerts.
2019-02-20 SII-3672 The easy install script for Mac OS X installs an additional universal forwarder when one already exists on the system.
2019-02-20 SII-3673 The easy install script for Mac OS X fails when the /usr/local/sbin directory is not available.
2019-02-19 SII-3668 Two sets of perfmon metrics (uppercase and lowercase) showing in metrics index

Update the universal forwarder version to 7.0.0 or later.
2019-02-11 SII-3621 Cache-buster blocks automation of the easy install script.
2019-02-01 SII-3559 When using Solaris, tar -xzf unix-agent.tgz in the data collection script may fail.

Use gunzip -c unix-agent.tgz | tar xvf -
2018-11-30 SII-3258 The default value of info threshold is MAX integer value and it is confusing
2018-10-16 SII-3022 Infrastructure app unable to find the entities for metrics data collected using the AWS addon version 4.6.0

Revert AWS TA to version 4.5.
2018-09-21 SII-2924 The Entity Overview does not properly display metrics values.
2018-07-11 SII-2487 The side panel may show alerts that no longer exist.
2018-07-03 SII-2463 collectd CPU plugin reports 0 or a negative value on AWS Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Last modified on 20 August, 2019
Fixed issues for Splunk App for Infrastructure
Third-party Software for Splunk App for Infrastructure

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® App for Infrastructure: 1.2.3

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