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Release Notes

The classic playbook editor will be deprecated soon. Convert your classic playbooks to modern mode.
After the future removal of the classic playbook editor, your existing classic playbooks will continue to run, However, you will no longer be able to visualize or modify existing classic playbooks.
For details, see:
This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk® SOAR (On-premises). For documentation on the most recent version, go to the latest release.

Fixed issues for

Release 6.1.1

Splunk SOAR version 6.1.1 includes fixes for the following issues.

Date resolved Issue number Description
2023-08-25 PSAAS-13177 VPE: Playbook input elements in Configure panel is not shown due to repo ID mismatch
2023-08-24 PSAAS-13482 All text in h4 for prompts is by default capitalized in the table on the notification page
2023-08-24 PSAAS-14497, PSAAS-14560 VPE: Reversion fails for playbooks with periods in their names
2023-08-23 PSAAS-14461 Playbooks not running on container. psycopg2.errors.UntranslatableCharacter is observed in logs.
2023-08-23 PSAAS-13858 spawn.log could stop working if telemetry is off for new install or upgrade from 5.5.0
2023-08-21 PSAAS-13481 Prompt status shows as 'answered' even if it was cancelled
2023-08-21 PSAAS-13638 Exceptions thrown in soar_diag_backport
2023-08-15 PSAAS-12773 Automation Broker: phantom_broker_proxy terminates websocket connections
2023-08-14 PSAAS-13345 Uninformative error when creating action with invalid app format
2023-08-03 PSAAS-14107 Command make_server_node.pyc changes DB ownership to postgres on NRI install and then cannot start
2023-08-03 PSAAS-13626 Creating clusters with more than 3 nodes with make_cluster_node.pyc results in clusters with 4 consul servers instead of 3
2023-08-02 PSAAS-14102 The original State file is replicated with app dir's state file
2023-08-02 PSAAS-14158 In a SOAR cluster, playbook blocks using the playbook API that are downstream from a block using the HTTP connector may fail with status 401.
2023-07-31 PSAAS-14172, PSAAS-14173 The delete_containers.pyc script omitted from SOAR 6.1.0 builds.
2023-07-24 PSAAS-13971 VPE: opening playbook hangs on "loading playbook editor"; console shows error messages "TypeError: Cannot destructure property '{property}' of '{value}' as it is undefined."
2023-07-18 PSAAS-12397 App editor fails to load assets in edit mode for draft apps
2023-07-13 PSAAS-12772 Automation Broker sometimes failed to reconnect
2023-07-11 PSAAS-13898 Splunk SOAR's cron jobs generate output, which fills up mail boxes over time
2023-06-29 PSAAS-13589 Installation error (FileNotFoundError: (Errno 2) No such file or directory: 'openssl')
2023-06-22 PSAAS-13850 WarnOfflineInstallCustomerPipPackages install step fails for offline installs if ".tmp_pip_failure.txt" does not exist
2023-06-22 PSAAS-12993 Upgrade fails due to communication failure with grpc.prod1-cloudgateway.spl.mobi
Last modified on 27 March, 2024
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® SOAR (On-premises): 6.1.1

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