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Known issues for

Release 6.2.0

Date filed Issue number Description
2024-02-22 PSAAS-16476 Logs download doesn't work for On-Prem Cluster setup
2024-02-20 PSAAS-16452, PSAAS-16372 Classic to Modern Playbook conversion errors

* Layout completely jumbled in Modern playbook (MINOR, But annoying)

this can should be resolved by clicking auto-arrange

2024-02-15 PSAAS-16431 Intermittently connector actions tied to AB run indefinitely

Re/comments below: Customer manually cancel/re-run those actions/playbooks.
2024-02-14 PSAAS-16416 Failed to add custom field in UI

Refresh the page to get latest update in the custom fields and try to add field again. In the future, avoid multiple users are modifying the custom fields at the same time.
2024-02-12 PSAAS-16368 Copying playbook from remote repository to local fails
2024-02-09 PSAAS-16357 Playbook Converter: Datapaths not present in modern datapath picker for custom function and playbook blocks

Rename the affected block to be the same as the function name.

For example, if the function name is "cf_local_generated_1", change the block name to "cf_local_generated_1".

2024-02-09 PSAAS-16355 Renamed blocks do not reflect changed names in End block
2024-01-30 PSAAS-16210 Reconfigure Invalid Datapath (Post 6.2.0 Upgrade)
2024-01-30 PSAAS-16206 Global Environment Variables are incorrectly applied by the Automation Broker when the variable is named in all lowercase letters.

Use uppercase letters only.
2024-01-25 PSAAS-16157 Upgrade to 6.2.0 failed with error "Failed to move /opt/phantom/data/db to /opt/phantom/data/db.old" when DB is on its own disk partition

After you run the upgrade script, follow these steps:
  1. Run the following:
    mkdir /opt/phantom/data/db.old;
    mv -f /opt/phantom/data/db/* /opt/phantom/data/db.old
    chmod 700 /opt/phantom/data/db.old
  2. Comment out the move command in vi /opt/phantom/splunk-soar/install/operations/conditional_tasks/postgres_upgrade.py
  3. Run the upgrade script again.

2024-01-22 PSAAS-16122 Saving playbooks to a local repo fails with 'Push master failed: (branch is currently checked out)'

Operate in repo configured with external resources
2024-01-19 PSAAS-16089 Missing notification for inactivity timeout
2024-01-16 PSAAS-16048 Fix asset name for playbook converter
2024-01-16 PSAAS-16049 Fix asset name for playbook converter
2024-01-03 PSAAS-15959 ForwarderGroup TCP token can be accidentally cleaned up if forwarder group is inactive

If a SOAR Cloud customer has a Splunk Enterprise forwarder group which is not working due to a deleted tcp token they can recreate the group and the tcp token will be recreated
2023-12-20 PSAAS-15916 Under some conditions, Splunk SOAR's global search can quickly consume huge amounts of memory in uwsgi processes

If you experience high levels of memory usage while using the main search bar in Splunk SOAR, contact Splunk Support.
2023-12-13 PSAAS-15828 After upgrading to version of SOAR running Postgres 15, 'ibackup --setup' fails

  1. Delete the old pgbackrest folder: rm -r <PHANTOM_HOME>/data/ibackup/repo
  2. Rerun phenv ibackup --setup

2023-12-12 PSAAS-15821 Global search not working for custom fields
2023-12-11 PSAAS-15750 VPE: Downstream block invoked twice from two upstream code blocks join

Detach one of the upstream blocks and run the blocks in sequence to avoid a join.
2023-12-06 PSAAS-15694 Indicators page shows empty table for non-admin users
2023-12-06 PSAAS-15695 JSON viewer for input playbooks - analyst view- has clickable URLs

2023-12-05 PSAAS-15685 Naming a forwarder group "splunk" breaks forwarding

Delete the forwarder group named "splunk" and recreate it with some other name.
2023-11-29 PSAAS-15638 Paginating REST APIs without sorting may give duplicate results across pages. Also affects phantom.get_tasks() and phantom.get_notes() playbook APIs, when containers have >10 tasks or >10 notes, respectively

If using the REST API directly, add a sort parameter to the URL:

If using the phantom.get_tasks() or phantom.get_notes() playbook APIs, you can use phantom.requests instead to query the REST API directly:

# Instead of phantom.get_tasks(), use
url = phantom.build_phantom_rest_url('workbook_task')

# Or, instead of phantom.get_notes(), use
url = phantom.build_phantom_rest_url('note')

params = {'_filter_container': container['id'], 'page_size': 0, 'sort': 'id'}
response = phantom.requests.get(url, params=params)
tasks = response.json()['data']

2023-11-22 PSAAS-15543 Test connectivity for asset might result in "failed to send" and HTTP 500 "internal server" error for POST to /rest/asset/{id}

If your connectivity test runs longer than 30 seconds:
  • Keep the "Test Connectivity" window open and wait for the test to complete.
  • Ignore the 500 "internal server error" and the "Failed to send" notification.

2023-11-07 PSAAS-15338 The Repo Permissions in the user modal does not show permissions

Check for the assigned roles permissions for the repos
2023-10-27 PSAAS-15202 Password Vault: Asset not removed from "Assets with enabled password manager" table if all credential fields removed

No workaround.

If an asset in the "Assets with enabled password manager" table is empty, it is not available for use. It still exists in the table because a credential management field was deleted, preventing deletion of the asset from the table.

2023-10-27 PSAAS-15201 Password Vault: "Assets with enabled password manager" table can lead to Apps page without an asset selected

This issue occurs when you select the Edit button to view an asset from the "Assets with enabled password manager" table, then, after viewing its App configuration page, you use the browser's back button to return to the table. When you select Edit to view another asset from the table, the Apps configuration page for that asset is not pre-filled with the asset name and information.

After you have viewed one asset configuration page, use one of the following workarounds to avoid the issue:

  • Refresh the Password Vault browser page before selecting the Edit button for each asset you want to view.
  • Remember the name of the asset you want to view. Select the Edit button for that asset to open its Apps page. The Asset field will be blank. Select the name of the asset you want to view.
  • Right-click or Control-click the Edit button next to an asset to open it in a new tab.

2023-10-26 PSAAS-15199 If the CyberArk instance is down and an action is run, the response message is not clear
2023-10-25 PSAAS-15176 VPE Playbook Conversion: Opening some of the converted PBs show "Discard Changes" button without changes made

When you open a newly converted playbook, select Save to regenerate and save the new code.

If you select Discard Changes before you have made any changes, the playbook code and JSON files are not changed.

2023-10-20 PSAAS-15120 Adding an empty repository on SOAR fails

Ensure that at least one commit is pushed to the playbook repo before adding it to SOAR
2023-10-20 PSAAS-15119 VPE Playbook conversion: Extra path added when converting classic VPE playbook to modern playbook

If your classic playbook has connections that are very close to each other, the modern playbook might create an extra connection.

Before you convert a playbook, spread out your playbook blocks so your connections are not close or overlapping. Then convert the playbook.

Review and test newly converted playbooks before marking them as active to ensure blocks and connectors appear and work correctly.

2023-10-18 PSAAS-15086 cluster upgrade failing on DatabaseSchema with 'Failed to apply database migrations'

Contact Splunk Support.
2023-09-05 PSAAS-14697, PSAAS-14655, PAPP-32725 Images are not appearing in action's custom view on SOAR (Cloud) and (On-premises) versions 6.1.1 and higher
2023-07-19 PSAAS-14125 Users without the "Administrator" role cannot delete an Automation Broker, even when given appropriate permissions.

Use an account with the Administrator role to delete any Splunk SOAR Automation Brokers as needed.
2023-06-27 PSAAS-13913 VPE: After clicking Discard Changes button, blocks show error "Reconfigure Invalid Data Path"

Need to not save the playbook and refresh the page
2022-04-08 PSAAS-8541 Unreadable characters sporadically appear in UI

Refresh the browser to reload the page.
Last modified on 28 February, 2024
Welcome to Splunk SOAR (On-premises) 6.2.0
Fixed issues for

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® SOAR (On-premises): 6.2.0

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