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Splunk Enterprise version 7.0 is no longer supported as of October 23, 2019. See the Splunk Software Support Policy for details. For information about upgrading to a supported version, see How to upgrade Splunk Enterprise.
This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk® Enterprise. For documentation on the most recent version, go to the latest release.
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Fixed issues

Splunk Enterprise 7.0.2 was released on January 29, 2018.

Issues are listed in all relevant sections. Some issues might appear more than once. To check for additional security issues related to this release, visit the Splunk Security Portal.

Date resolved Issue number Description
2018-01-17 SPL-146745, SPL-145193 Field extractor UI ignores escaping on delimiters, inconsistent with backend.
2018-01-05 SPL-146290, SPL-143401 REGEX in transforms is hitting PCRE recursion limit
2018-01-04 SPL-146831, SPL-145598 log error message if user using unsupported ReiserFS file system
2018-01-04 SPL-146933, SPL-133568 Do not retry re-creation of bucket If it is not present on remote storage
2017-12-21 SPL-145946, SPL-144991 Splunk 6.3 Onwards: Issues with RPM Upgrades - empty search_mrspakle/modules directory
2017-12-21 SPL-145839, SPL-140406 IPV6 env and DC fail to connect to DS using domain name
2017-12-18 SPL-147088, SPL-143398 Slow license master response times after upgrade to 6.5 due to __tz_convert() bottleneck and extensive debug logging calls for lots of warnings
2017-12-08 SPL-144653, SPL-140755 Missing events in RT search results (or any search if tsidx reduction is enabled) when using negation (NOT or !=)
2017-11-30 SPL-143598, SPL-142738 timestamps not extracted since they are more than MAX_TIMESTAMP_LOOKAHEAD characters into events
2017-11-28 SPL-145727, SPL-146668 append search command causes search parser to incorrectly identify a circular dependency and reject the search string
2017-11-24 SPL-146680, SPL-145790 Error creating diag in Windows when SPLUNK_HOME has a slash at the end
2017-11-24 SPL-146294, SPL-130415 Deadlock during shutdown
2017-11-24 SPL-146156, SPL-144250 | inputlookup "where" command returning inaccurate results for compare operations (< , >) on strings or fields with quotes

Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

Date resolved Issue number Description
2018-01-04 ERP-2104, ERP-2079 Please make splunk_archiver.log roll
Last modified on 02 September, 2022
Timestamp recognition of dates with two-digit years fails beginning January 1, 2020
Deprecated features

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Enterprise: 7.0.2

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