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Splunk Cloud Platform deployment types

Splunk Cloud Platform version 8.x and higher offers two deployment types:

  • Purchased: Paid subscription to the Splunk Cloud Platform service.
  • Free trial: Limited duration free trial initiated from the Splunk website.

The following table shows the fundamental differences between the free trial and purchased deployment types.

If the URL you use to access Splunk Cloud Platform begins with https://prd-p-* you are using a free trial. If you are using the Splunk Cloud Platform free trial with other Splunk Cloud Platform products, services, or offerings, additional limitations or restrictions may apply. For more information on supported functionality for Splunk Cloud free trials, see the installation and configuration documentation for that product, service, or offering.

Feature Free trial Purchased
Access your Splunk Cloud Platform deployment Log into your Splunk account on the Splunk web site (www.splunk.com) and go to the Instances page. Using the URL you specified when you purchased Splunk Cloud Platform from Splunk Sales. This URL is included in the Welcome email you received when your deployment was enabled for you.
Create inputs (including file uploads, HTML event ingestion, and app-related inputs) Configure forwarders on-premises or use Splunk Web Configure forwarders on-premises or contact Splunk Support
Data ingestion (daily maximum) 5 GB per day for 15 days Per your contract
Data export, retention, and deletion Data that you add to your Splunk Cloud Platform free trial cannot be exported from the trial instance. When your free trial expires, the instance and all data in it is deleted. Currently, trials cannot be converted to paid accounts. Splunk Cloud Platform retains data based on index settings that enable you to specify when data is to be deleted. For more information, see the Storage section in the Splunk Cloud Platform Service Description.
Send data securely using Splunk Universal Forwarder Yes Yes
Active Directory/Single sign-on integration Not supported Supported
Splunk Cloud Platform regions US East Multiple including GovCloud
Allow list and deny list IP addresses No Yes
Premium apps available No Yes
Concurrent search limit 10 max Depends on the topology you purchase
REST API URL Free Trial users do not have access to the REST API. Contact your Splunk sales representative for possible alternative methods during your trial period. Use the following URL for purchased deployments. If necessary, submit a support case to open port 8089 on your deployment
HTTP Event Collector (HEC) URL https://inputs.<host>.splunkcloud.com:8088/<endpoint> https://http-inputs-<host>:443/<endpoint>

https://http-inputs.<host>.splunkcloud.com:443/<endpoint> for Splunk Cloud Platform on Google Cloud

Inputs Data Manager (IDM) Not supported Supported
Last modified on 10 March, 2022
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This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk Cloud Platform: 8.2.2112, 8.2.2201, 8.2.2202, 8.2.2203, 9.0.2205, 9.0.2208, 9.0.2209, 9.0.2303, 9.0.2305, 9.1.2308 (latest FedRAMP release), 9.1.2312, 9.2.2403

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