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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of StreamApp. Click here for the latest version.
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Known issues

Version 7.1.3 of Splunk Stream contains the following known issues.

If no issues appear below, no issues have yet been reported:

Date filed Issue number Description
2020-01-06 STREAM-4301, STREAM-4409 Windows: Capture stops with "pcap_loop returned error code -1 read error: PacketReceivePacket failed; network capture stopped" and isn't restarted

Manually re-configure streams for the forwarder to resume or restart Splunk Forwarder service in Windows
2019-10-28 STREAM-4231 DPI error processing stream data invalid param error code(- 1) too many uapp_cnx attached to the dpi_flow (see external_max_tunnel params) in afc_process_uappcnx_retrieve udp error message
2019-09-10 STREAM-4170 Splunk stream 7.1.3-35 + does not process Netflow options-Template
2019-08-28 STREAM-4165 Stream kvstore_debug.py Now ask for the username twice.
2019-06-27 STREAM-4124 "SSL decryption error (DSSL library error code -41) ]" while decrypting traffic
2019-06-11 STREAM-4110, SOLNESS-17442 Stream SSL and DNS Activity views are exported globally

Please prevent the Splunk app for Stream from exporting views globally via local metadata override.

 ## in ../apps/splunk_app_stream/local.meta
 export = none
2019-05-15 STREAM-4094 Netflow Event Collection - does not process some records
2019-04-15 STREAM-4054 When disabling SplunkWeb SSL, Configure Streams page in Stream app does not display the streams
2019-04-09 STREAM-4052 When splunkd and splunk web has SSL enabled ephemeral streams will not populate

Work around for this issue:-

Make sure that in web.conf under [settings] , this param "enableSplunkWebSSL" has values in this format -

[settings] enableSplunkWebSSL = <boolean>

e.g.  [settings] enableSplunkWebSSL = true  OR  [settings] enableSplunkWebSSL = false

Last modified on 27 April, 2020
Fixed issues
Boost C++

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk Stream: 7.1.3

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