Docs » View alerts in Splunk Observability Cloud

View alerts in Splunk Observability Cloud 🔗

Alerts are highly relevant to the health of your services and applications. Observability Cloud shows alerts in all places where they matter, so that you don’t miss on important information.

You can view active alerts on the Alerts page, from charts and detectors, or access them from APM.

Review all active alerts in your organization 🔗

To review all the active alerts in your organization, go to Alerts. The Active Alerts tab shows the number of active alerts at each severity level, from critical to informative.

Alert counters in the Active Alerts tab

The table lists all active alerts matching the conditions you’ve entered. If a notification for an alert is muted, a notifications muted label is shown next to the alert.

To see more details about the alert, click its rule name and source in the table. In the details dialog box, you can click Resolve the alert, open the detector that triggered the alert, and explore related items.

Details of an alert


If you can’t find an alert, apply a filter to reduce the number of matching alerts.

Filter alerts to reduce noise 🔗

You can click on any of the alert counters to filter alerts by the corresponding severity level. You can also use Filter to show only alerts that are relevant to specific tags or dimensions.

Filter field with a sample selection of tags

To filter by service, endpoint, environment, or business workflow, set the APM Filters.

Group alerts by properties or dimensions 🔗

Use Group by to group active alerts by one or more properties. For example, you can group alerts by host first, followed by the AWS region. When you select two levels, hierarchical grouping is also applied to the list.

Group by field with a sample selection

See which alerts are active for a detector 🔗

To view active alerts for a detector, go to the Detectors tab in Alerts and select a detector.

Detectors tab in Alerts

To open a detector, click on its name. When you open a detector, a counter for each alert rule shows the number of active alerts that apply to the detector.

Alert counts in the detector details screen

Click any of the counters to view a list of active alerts for that rule. If there are multiple filters in the view, you can remove any of them to see a wider range of alerts for that detector.

Identify alerts from your charts 🔗

You can view alerts from charts or in the Infrastructure Navigator by browsing related detectors.

  1. Open the Detector menu by clicking the bell icon at the top right corner of a chart.

  2. Select an active alert or hover over a detector and select View Active Alerts to see all active alerts for that detector.

Active alerts inside the Detector menu

Find which service has active alerts in APM 🔗

To view active alerts for the services you’re monitoring in APM, go to APM. Active alerts appear in the Services and the Business Workflows tabs under each service name.

Active alerts tab in APM

Select a service with an active alert to check how the service is affected.