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Migrate from SignalFx Smart Agent to the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector 🔗


The SignalFx Smart Agent is deprecated and will reach end of support on June 30th, 2023. Note that this only affects the agent; Smart Agent receivers bundled in the Splunk Open Telemetry Collector are not deprecated. For details, see the Deprecation Notice.

The Splunk Distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector provides a unified way to receive, process, and export metrics, traces, and logs to Splunk Observability Cloud. Current SignalFx Smart Agent (deprecated) users can easily transition to the Collector without losing any functionality.


The benefits of using the Collector are:

  • Open standard based on OpenTelemetry.

  • Support for new features such as code profiling.

  • Ability to correlate data between different views within Observability Cloud with Related Content.

  • Bundled Fluentd for log collection.

Migration process

To migrate from the Smart Agent to the Collector, follow these steps.

Smart Agent monitors and the Smart Agent Receiver

While the Smart Agent is deprecated, Smart Agent monitors are not.

The Smart Agent metric monitors allow real-time insights into how your target services and applications are performing. These metric gathering utilities have an equivalent counterpart in the Collector.

The smartagent receiver is a component of the Collector that allows the embedding of existing Smart Agent monitors in your Collector metric pipelines.

Learn how to use Smart Agent monitors in the Collector.

Configuration translation tool and data mapping service

Observability Cloud provides a translation tool to help you adapt your Smart Agent YAML configuration file to a YAML that you can use with the Collector.

Observability Cloud also has a mapping service that defines equivalencies between legacy Smart Agent metric naming and semantic conventions to the OpenTelemetry names and formats for metrics and metric metadata. See Metric mapping service for more information.