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Source types for the Splunk Add-on for Nagios Core

The Splunk Add-on for Nagios Core applies the following source types to Nagios Core logs and NDOUtils data.

Nagios Core logs

Source type Description CIM compatibility
nagios:core:hostperf Nagios Core host performance log None
nagios:core:serviceperf Nagios Core service performance log Performance
nagios:core Nagios Core main log Alerts, Performance, Application State
nagios:instances Nagios instance information None
nagios:objects Nagios objects information None
nagios:commenthistory Historical host and service comments None
nagios:contactnotificationmethods Historical record of command methods None
nagios:downtimehistory Historical record of scheduled host and service downtime None
nagios:eventhandlers Historical record of host and service event handlers that have been run None
nagios:hostchecks Historical record of "raw" and "processed" host checks None
nagios:notifications Historical record of host and service notifications Alerts
nagios:processevents Historical record of Nagios process events (program starts, restarts, shutdowns, etc.) None
nagios:servicechecks Historical record of service checks that have been performed None
nagios:systemcommands Historical record of system commands that are run by Nagios daemon None
nagios:timedevents Historical record of time events that the Nagios process handled None
nagios:comments Current host and service comments None
nagios:customvariablestatus Current state of all custom host, service, and contact variables None
nagios:hoststatus Current status of host None
nagios:programstatus Currently running Nagios process/daemon None
nagios:runtimevariables Runtime variables from Nagios process None
nagios:scheduleddowntime Current host and service downtime None
nagios:servicestatus Current status information for all services Application State
nagios:timedeventqueue All timed events that are in the Nagios event queue None

NDOUtils data

The add-on also assigns source types based on thirty configuration tables in NDOUtils. Each source type follows the pattern nagios:<Table_Name>. These source types do not map to CIM data models. Splunk Enterprise queries for updated data from all these tables every two minutes, with the exception of configuration tables, which are not frequently updated. Splunk Enterprise queries for updated data from configuration tables every hour.

Table type Source type Mode
Central tables nagios:instances batch
nagios:objects batch
Historical tables nagios:commenthistory batch
nagios:contactnotificationmethods tail
nagios:downtimehistory tail
nagios:eventhandlers tail
nagios:hostchecks tail
nagios:notifications batch
nagios:processevents tail
nagios:servicechecks tail
nagios:systemcommands tail
nagios:timedevents batch
Current status tables nagios:comments batch
nagios:customvariablestatus batch
nagios:hoststatus batch
nagios:programstatus batch
nagios:runtimevariables batch
nagios:scheduleddowntime batch
nagios:servicestatus batch
nagios:timedeventqueue batch
Configuration tables nagios:commands batch
nagios:configfiles batch
nagios:configfilevariables batch
nagios:contact_addresses batch
nagios:contact_notificationcommands batch
nagios:contactgroup_members batch
nagios:contactgroups batch
nagios:contacts batch
nagios:customvariables batch
nagios:host_contactgroups batch
nagios:host_contacts batch
nagios:host_parenthosts batch
nagios:hostdependencies batch
nagios:hostescalation_contactgroups batch
nagios:hostescalation_contacts batch
nagios:hostescalations batch
nagios:hostgroup_members batch
nagios:hostgroups batch
nagios:hosts batch
nagios:service_contactgroups batch
nagios:service_contacts batch
nagios:servicedependencies batch
nagios:serviceescalation_contactgroups batch
nagios:serviceescalation_contacts batch
nagios:serviceescalations batch
nagios:servicegroup_members batch
nagios:servicegroups batch
nagios:services batch
nagios:timeperiod_timeranges batch
nagios:timeperiods batch
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