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Splunk Add-on for VMware

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Installation and configuration overview for the Splunk Add-on for VMware

The Splunk Add-on for VMware package contains the following components:

  • SA-Hydra - Collects API based data from vCenter. It schedules jobs from the Search Head and runs the worker processes on each data collection node.
  • Splunk_TA_vmware - Contains the python based API data collection engine and collects data from VMWare environment. Also provides search-time tagging of VMware data.
  • Splunk_TA_esxilogs - Collects log data from your ESXi log hosts.
  • Splunk_TA_vcenter - Collects vCenter data via API calls and forwards it to the indexers in your environment.
  • SA-VMWIndex - Contains all the indexes required for VMware App.
  • TA-VMW-FieldExtractions - Contains search time knowledge objects required for VMware App and ITSI Virtualization module.

The Splunk Add-on for VMware contains the following functions:

  • Scheduler - Previously held by the Splunk App for VMware, the scheduler performs job distribution and load balancing for your distributed Splunk platform deployment.
  • Python script splunk_for_vmware_setup.py that collects DCN details, such as DCN URI, username, and password information from the Collection Configuration page of the Splunk Add-on for VMware and sends them to SA-Hydra.

Deployment layout

The below image outlines a full installation of the Splunk Add-on for VMware on a distributed deployment.

Vmw ova addon.png

Deployment of the Splunk Add-on for VMware

See the table below to see which component goes on which part of your Splunk deployment.

Component Search head Scheduler (DCS) Indexer Data Collection Node (DCN) Dedicated ESXi log forwarder Dedicated vCenter log forwarder
Splunk_TA_vmware X X
Splunk_TA_esxilogs X X X
Splunk_TA_vcenter X X Optional* X
SA-Hydra X X X
TA-VMW-FieldExtractions X

(*)Depending on your specific configuration, you might also need Splunk_TA_vcenter to collect VCenter data.

As of vCenter 6.0 installing a forwarder on your vCenter server for log forwarding is not recommending as a best practice for VMWare. Forwarding vCenter application logs to syslog, an intermediate forwarder, or directly to a Splunk indexer is supported for 6.x versions of vCenter server.

Last modified on 13 January, 2021
Hardware and software requirements for the Splunk Add-on for VMware
Set up your system for the Splunk Add-on for VMware

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