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Chat groups

Slack is a common way to communicate with other Splunk users outside of user groups, the annual conference (.conf), or other Splunk and industry events. This form of chat enables anyone to communicate with the greater Splunk Community—customers, partners, and Splunkers—worldwide.

Use Slack to ask for help with issues, learn from other users in real time, and to network outside of in-person events. Experience Splunk Community culture and discover what makes us unique!

Join us on Slack

Anyone can submit a request to join the team called splunk-usergroups on Slack. Go to There are over 100 channels in the splunk-usergroups that you can participate in. There are channels for specific Splunk products and apps, specific industries or issues, specific cities or regions, and a few channels just for fun.

For a list of helpful channels, you can enter !channels or !channels-advanced in slack for a current list.

For example:

!channels: #n00bs • #alerting • #architecture • #bestpractices • #certifications • #dashboards_simple_xml • #dashboard_studio • #getting-data-in • #search-help • #sh-clustering • #indexer-clustering

!channels-advanced: #addonbuilder • #appdev • #aws • #bugs • #datamodels • #dbconnect • #docs • #docker • #enterprise-security • #hec • #itsi • #metrics • #regex • #security • #stream • #syslog-ng • #visualizations • #machinelearning • #kvstore

Important channels to join are #_where_do_i_ask and #announcements in order to find the proper channels to ask your questions and to stay up to date on announcements for the workspace.

The Splunk Community team approves requests to join the Slack community for Splunk. This helps us to block recruiters and sales people so that they don't disrupt the community vibe. We want to ensure that you are connecting with other Splunk users to learn and share experiences.

You can use the Slack website or download the free Slack client from

Submit a request to join Slack

All community members, employees, and partners should use the same form to join the Splunk user group Slack:

  1. Submit a request through Specify your user ID in the last field on the form to speed up the review process.
  2. The request is reviewed for approval by someone on the Splunk Community team. You will receive an email inviting you to join the Splunk team on Slack. Please allow one business day to process your request.
  3. Access the Slack website or free Slack client from
Last modified on 23 March, 2023
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