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Release Notes

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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of DBX. Click here for the latest version.
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Release notes

Fixed issues

Date resolved Issue number Description
2017-06-28 DBX-4356, DBX-3868 NPE when running dbxquery with shortname=false on driver not supporting prepared statement metadata
2017-06-26 DBX-4218, DBX-4027 DBX settings.py conflicts with Django settings.py
2017-06-26 DBX-4351, DBX-4032 Driver unrelated jars are copied to drivers folder during migration
2017-06-26 DBX-4353, DBX-3962 Application dropdown during input/output/lookup creation truncates to 30 apps
2017-06-26 DBX-4352, DBX-3990 Multiple issues if '/' is used in input/output/lookup name
2017-06-26 DBX-4347 The help link of sending usage data page is broken
2017-06-21 DBX-4336 Incorrect enabled/disabled filter label
2017-06-21 DBX-4337 Help link pages are opened in current window
2017-06-20 DBX-4315 Global sharing permission isn't migrated from v2 to v3
2017-06-19 DBX-4314 NPE(Null pointer exception) when a event match multiple rows and some row values are null
2017-06-18 DBX-3883 Output can be deleted or enabled/disabled even if it is used by a modular alert
2017-06-18 DBX-4298 Informix connection validation is inconsistent if informix server is empty
2017-06-18 DBX-4312, DBX-4309 nvarchar/ntext columns are not displayed when JTDS driver is used
2017-06-16 DBX-4301 Modal is not disposed if an error occured
2017-06-16 DBX-4304 Non ASCII characters are not supported in stanza attributes
2017-06-15 DBX-4290, DBX-4254 Fetchsize setting in dbxquery command option is ignored
2017-06-15 DBX-3020 In DB table, if some column name starts with space character, lookup would fail on it.
2017-06-13 DBX-4285 Migration will fail if connection's sharing permission is not set to global
2017-06-12 DBX-4022 Use Windows Authentication Domain setting is ignored when creating a connection
2017-06-12 DBX-3145 dbxlookup preview is incorrect if multiple values match the event fields
2017-06-11 DBX-4090 Private saved search can be selected to create an output
2017-06-11 DBX-4261 XMLStreamException is output to splunkd.log on task server's start
2017-06-11 DBX-4060, DBX-4054 Db connect not honoring query_timeout setting during input preview
2017-06-08 DBX-4266 Task server scheme is not correclty sent to Splunkd
2017-06-08 DBX-4251 Object cannot be cloned when using db_connect_admin role
2017-06-07 DBX-4259 Requests to task server are logged in splunkd.log
2017-06-07 DBX-4260 Diag.py will fail on windows to find the checkpoint folder
2017-06-05 DBX-3841 McAfee, Nagios, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Add-ons newly installed are not supported
2017-06-04 DBX-4213 NULL value cannot be used as stored procedure parameter
2017-05-31 DBX-4154 Inputs on table containing non ASCII characters are not indexed correctly
2017-05-31 DBX-4188 If a lot of messages are displayed it can fill the screen
2017-05-30 DBX-4146 Some capabilities are duplicated in authorize.conf
2017-05-27 DBX-4165 Unable to admin DB Connect entities with role db_connect_admin
2017-05-24 DBX-4158 Global sharing permission is incorrectly migrated from v2 to v3
2017-05-23 DBX-4124, DBX-4140 The task server will not restart without restarting Splunk if JAVA_HOME refers to a not supported version of Java
2017-05-22 DBX-4140, DBX-4124 Taskserver failed to restart if default java is not version 8
2017-05-22 DBX-4193 Input tries to index BLOB although they are not supported
2017-05-22 DBX-3779 The connection fails when the hostname contains a blank
2017-05-16 DBX-1443 dblookup/dbxlookup does not rename on alias fields that have space
2017-05-16 DBX-4081, DBX-4021 Timezone override in props.conf is ignored
2017-05-12 DBX-4139 HEC won't be enabled when taskserver restarts
2017-05-09 DBX-4111 Number of exported events from a saved search using an output is limited to 500,000
2017-05-09 DBX-4091 When using a saved search in an output fields extracted during search time are not exported
2017-05-08 DBX-3978 Warnings from searchbnf.conf file reported in splunkd.log
2017-05-03 DBX-4089 Lack of statistics about scheduled output job
2017-05-02 DBX-3749 Error messages of insufficient permission are inconsistent
2017-04-27 DBX-3616 Output cannot be used with driver which do not support batch operations
2017-04-26 DBX-4058 If column selected as index time is not a timestamp, the current time is used
2017-04-25 DBX-3777 On output creation search result preview ignores the time range defined in a savedsearch
2017-04-14 DBX-3876 Naive cron expression validation for DBX input/output
2017-04-11 DBX-2820 Unsupported JVM error message is too generic
2017-04-11 DBX-3570 Reload API will reload both output and input tasks
2017-04-11 DBX-4024 'testQuery' setting in db_connection_types.conf is ignored
2017-04-06 DBX-3829 Scheduled jobs (inputs, outputs) ignore updates on its connection or its identity
2017-03-22 DBX-3699 The same field name can be used for event and output lookup field
2017-03-21 DBX-3746 The customized JAVA_HOME setting is ignored for output modular alert
2017-03-21 DBX-3974 First Time Run page typo
2017-03-19 DBX-3805 No error message in UI if there is a SQL error when executing output command
2017-03-15 DBX-3939 Deprecated property enable_query_wrapping is created in db_connections.conf
2017-03-13 DBX-3833 Editing a lookup named like "mi_lookup://xxx" will open inputs page
2017-03-09 DBX-3928 Invalid conf value causing task server to fail
2017-03-08 DBX-3831 Error message when user does not have write access to checkpoint folder is unclear
2017-03-06 DBX-3924 Task server can't start if server.vmopts does not exist in windows
2017-03-02 DBX-3884 Unable to enable an output if referenced by an output alert
2017-03-02 DBX-3838 Improper health panel labels
2017-02-27 DBX-3880 If an input cannot be migrated because of missing checkpoint value, its name is not specified
2017-02-27 DBX-3842 Log file naming does not follow Splunk convention
2017-02-22 DBX-3851, DBX-3819 Query ending a with semi-colon character will fail in Oracle
2017-02-19 DBX-3706 Create an input using an existing name does not return a clear error message
2017-02-19 DBX-3345 A cloned lookup with a different connection cannot be saved
2017-02-07 DBX-3732 Inputs with similar names (e.g. different case) cause checkpoint file conflict
2017-01-25 DBX-3796 Wrong error message when java server returns 500 HTTP code
2017-01-22 DBX-3737 Column with same name will be overwritten in dbxquery if shortnames is set to false
2017-01-18 DBX-3555 Filter set on table listing objects are lost during navigation

Known issues

Date filed Issue number Description
2018-08-22 DBX-4637 HEC error message is not logged
2018-08-22 DBX-4638 Empty host on the connection and the input will fail the input
2018-07-16 DBX-4623 Compatibility issue with splunk_app_db_connect 3.1.3 and TA-Proofpoint-TAP 1.3.117 keeps DBX from loading.

Remove or Downgrade TA-Proofpoint-TAP
2018-06-01 DBX-4616 Need to add extra backlash (escape) in GUI to be able to get literal backslash in query, but this breaks the query in the configuration file, preventing it from running after saving

Create query using GUI, then edit after in configuration file to remove extra backslash


2018-05-16 DBX-4612 Cron expression using both "day of month" and "day of week", isn't supported when used in "Execution Frequency"

Don't use combination of "day of month" and "day of week" field. In some cases you could just use the day of week for the scheduling, depending on where the data is coming from. Although this might not be applicable to all situations.
2018-04-18 DBX-4603 On Windows systems, hitting debug/refresh endpoint with DB Connect installed makes splunkweb not restart

Restart splunk through services.msc
2018-03-27 DBX-4589 java.io.IOException: Push back buffer is full

In some cases reducing the amount of data returned, by limiting the timeframe of returned events in the search will work
2018-03-13 DBX-4585 Output does not work if column's name contains special characters i.e. dot, space

Edit the conf file to wrap the field with the DB quote identifier such as back quote for MySQL or square brackets for SQL Server
2018-01-09 DBX-4527 dbxquery cannot start on Splunk Enterprise 7+ if users set a time zone in their preferences
2017-12-10 DBX-4491 Upgrade third party libraries for CVE-2017-9735 and CVE-2017-7525.
2017-11-30 DBX-4482 Task server listens on all IP addresses
2017-11-22 DBX-4476 Updating DB credentials are not propagated to inputs and outputs
2017-11-14 DBX-4472 rh_healthlog and rh_usage_data are invalid entries in restmap.conf
2017-10-10 DBX-4454 Invalid rising column index value when non-indexable columns are skipped

Remove non-indexable columns from the query. All data that are binary data are non-indexable  such as the following SQL types: TINYBLOB, BLOB, MEDIUMBLOB, LONGBLOB, BINARY, VARBINARY, IMAGE, LOB. This list is not comprehensive because some databases define their own non-standard types.

Cast the column to text format

2017-10-09 DBX-4451, DBX-4434 Pooled connections are not closed when a connection is disabled or deleted
2017-08-09 DBX-4407 Inputs using a rising column with types: datetime, timestamp, date, time cannot be bulk edited after the preview is run
2017-07-31 DBX-4400, DBX-4399 Task server cannot start on SHC if captain is static

Switch to dynamic
2017-07-20 DBX-4391, DBX-4378 Index cannot be set without selecting an existing one
2017-07-20 DBX-4390 issue with connection to oracle db
2017-07-19 DBX-4387 Splunk cannot be restarted via web interface, deployer or deployment server on Windows

Use the CLI or the services control panel (services.msc) to restart Splunk
2017-07-19 DBX-4389, DBX-4386 Unindexable fields increase the license usage.
2017-07-17 DBX-4385 Time zone defined on a connection is applied to all time related fields
2017-07-16 DBX-4382 Output is slow when upsert is enabled
2017-07-14 DBX-4381 Audit log file for commands does not rotate
2017-07-12 DBX-4377 File permission check returns false positive on Windows
2017-07-11 DBX-4373, DBX-4372 Lookup with multiple keys does not return results

Build a composite key in SPL and build the same key in SQL. For example, if first_name and last_name are the 2 keys then use similar SPL:

{noformat} <your_SPL> | eval composite_key=firstName.lastName | dbxlookup connection=<your_connection> query="select some_fields, concat(first_name, last_name) as composite_key from employee" composite_key {noformat}

2017-06-26 DBX-4349 Help link is broken in sending data confirmation dialog
2017-06-15 DBX-4305 Lookup preview will fail if mapped fields starts or ends with a space
2017-06-09 DBX-4281 User can not create lookup or output with realtime saved search
2017-06-05 DBX-4252 Input cannot use '"timestamp" as rising column with Sybase IQ 15.4 driver
2017-03-26 DBX-3985 Kerberos health check is not supported in windows
2016-12-14 DBX-3610 "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE" and "TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE" can not be used in rising column input

Use cast/convert to convert the timestamp with timezone to a timestamp
2016-10-18 DBX-3309 dbxquery command returns misordered columns
Last modified on 01 September, 2021

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® DB Connect: 3.1.0

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