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Known issues for Splunk App for Infrastructure

The Splunk App for Infrastructure version 1.4.0 has the following known issues.

Date filed Issue number Description
2019-08-15 SII-5268 write_splunk does not support Collectd 5.9.
2019-07-29 SII-5041 The search for Docker entities may fail because the search is hard-coded to check a specific index.

Send Docker metrics to the em_metrics index.
2019-07-26 SII-5030 The easy install script may fail for Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS if the universe repository is not enabled.

Run these commands to add the universe repository before you run the easy install script:

sudo apt-add-repository universe && sudo apt-get update

2019-07-26 SII-5022 Splunk Connect for Kubernetes stops collecting the kube:objects:events:watch sourcetype.

Manually edit the objects deployment that SCK spawns. 

1. Update the image to kube-objects:1.1.2. {code:java} kubectl -n splunk edit deploy sck-1.2.0-splunk-kubernetes-objects{code} {code:java} image: splunk/kube-objects:1.1.2

        imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

        name: splunk-fluentd-k8s-objects{code}  2. Save and exit. This will cause the pod to roll over and deploy the new image. 

2019-07-09 SII-4876 On CentOS systems, the easy install script does not update the universal forwarder.

The script errors out at the last command in *bash install_uf.sh*. The command errors out because it's setting up something that's already been set up. Running the remainder of the script continues the installation:
  • bash install_agent.sh && cd .. && rm -rf unix-agent && rm -rf unix-agent.tgz*

You can add *|| true* to the script to avoid the error:

  • ... bash install_uf.sh || true && bash install_agent.sh && cd .. && rm -rf unix-agent && rm -rf unix-agent.tgz*
2019-07-07 SII-4845 Container logs are not being associated with pods.
2019-07-01 SII-4834 Power users can't write to the infra_alerts index.

Manually enable power users to write to the infra_alerts index.
2019-06-28 SII-4832, SII-4831 libcurl4 is incompatible with the write_splunk collectd plugin. This affects Ubuntu 18.04.

Replace libcurl4 with libcurl3.
2019-06-26 SII-4776 Uninstall script may not delete SplunkForwarder.service.

Run this command:

rm -rf /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/SplunkForwarder.service

2019-06-26 SII-4788 Kubernetes events objects stop being monitored after one hour.
2019-06-14 SII-4637 From the Investigate tab, when viewing entities in Tile view, uptime is displayed in seconds.
2019-06-04 SII-4570 The splunkd messages service fails to send error messages when the splunkd port is not 8089.
2019-05-23 SII-4474 When you create a group alert, there may be an object ID error.
2019-05-15 SII-4390 The sc_admin role cannot create a HEC token on the em_metrics index.
2018-09-21 SII-2924 The Entity Overview does not properly display metrics values.
Fixed issues for Splunk App for Infrastructure
Third-party Software for Splunk App for Infrastructure

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® App for Infrastructure: 1.4.0

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