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Splunk Business Flow is no longer available for purchase as of June 20, 2020. Customers who have already purchased Business Flow will continue to have support and maintenance per standard support terms for the remainder of contractual commitments.

Configure roles and manage access to Splunk Business Flow

To manage role-based access in Splunk Business Flow (SBF), use the access control system built into the Splunk platform for authentication and authorization. Splunk platform administrators use this access control system to add users, assign users to roles, and assign those roles custom capabilities to provide limited, role-based access control for your organization.

Splunk Business Flow adds one role to the default roles provided by the Splunk platform. This role is unique to SBF and does not apply to Splunk Enterprise or other Splunk apps.

Assign this role to SBF users with strong domain expertise who are business process experts. This role inherits all the capabilities of the power role and also provides the sbf_set_visibility_flow_model and sbf_edit_flow_model capabilities. Private Flow Models may only be used by the administrative Splunk Business Flow Modeler role for testing, configuration and preview of Flow Models.

As a Splunk platform administrator, you can assign users to this role. For more about assigning roles, see Add and edit roles in Splunk Web in Securing Splunk Enterprise.

Capabilities inherited from Splunk platform roles

The sbf_modeler role inherits capabilities from the Splunk platform power role.

SBF role Inherited Splunk platform role Added capabilities in SBF Can be assigned Package version
sbf_modeler power sbf_set_visibility_flow_model, sbf_edit_flow_model Yes 1.0.0

Capabilities in SBF

SBF includes the following capabilities.

Capability Description sbf_modeler admin Package version
sbf_set_visibility_flow_model Ability to set a Flow Model to Private or Shared.
sbf_set_app_version Ability to set the app to Stable or Latest and the reverse.

Splunk Business Flow now offers only one version of the SBF Hosted Environment.

sbf_edit_flow_models Ability to create, edit, clone, and delete a Flow Model. Flow Models are inaccessible to all users who do not have the sbf_edit_flow_models capability.
sbf_set_encryption Ability to enable or disable encryption on the Journey metadata stored in the SBF hosted environment.
Last modified on 01 April, 2020
Customize your proxy settings to enable SBF to use your proxy   Understand Notifications in SBF

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Business Flow (Legacy): -Latest-

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