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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of Splunk Cloud Platform. For documentation on the most recent version, go to the latest release.
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Admin Config Service (ACS) requirements and compatibility matrix

The ACS API does not currently support AWS GovCloud or FedRAMP deployments.


To use the ACS API with your Splunk Cloud Platform deployment:

  • A user's assigned role must contain the capabilities required to access a specific ACS API endpoint. The sc_admin role has all required capabilities by default. For a list of required capabilities, see Manage ACS API access with capabilities.
  • You must have a version of Splunk Cloud Platform that is compatible with the specific ACS feature. For version requirements, see the documentation for individual ACS features.
  • Your Splunk Cloud Platform Experience (Victoria or Classic) must be compatible with the ACS feature that you want to use. For Splunk Cloud Platform Experience compatibility, see the ACS compatibility matrix. For more information, see Determine your Splunk Cloud Platform Experience.
  • Your deployment must have one or more separate search heads or a search head cluster. ACS is not supported on single instance deployments.

ACS compatibility matrix

The table shows support for ACS features on Victoria Experience and Classic Experience.

ACS feature Victoria Experience Classic Experience
IP allow lists Yes Yes
Outbound ports Yes Yes
Private connectivity Yes Yes
App permissions Yes No
Authentication tokens Yes Yes
HEC tokens Yes Yes
Indexes Yes Yes
limits.conf configuration Yes No
Private apps Yes Yes *
Splunkbase apps Yes Yes *
Restarts Yes No
Users, roles, and capabilities Yes Yes
Maintenance windows Yes Yes
ACS CLI Yes Yes **
Terraform Provider for ACS Yes Yes

*Classic Experience supports ACS app management on all search heads except premium search heads.

**Classic Experience supports ACS CLI bulk operations for HEC tokens and indexes only.

Determine your Splunk Cloud Platform Experience

Each Splunk Cloud Platform stack has an Experience designation: Classic or Victoria. Some ACS features are compatible with Victoria Experience only, while others, such as private app management, provide different endpoints for Classic Experience and Victoria Experience.

To find your Splunk Cloud Platform Experience:

  1. In Splunk Web, click Support & Services > About.
  2. In the About panel, under Splunk Cloud, find your Experience: Classic or Victoria.

After you determine your Splunk Cloud Platform Experience, use the ACS feature endpoints that apply to your Experience.

For more information on Splunk Cloud Platform Experience, see Determine your Splunk Cloud Platform Experience in the Splunk Cloud Platform Admin Manual.

Last modified on 02 November, 2023
About the Admin Config Service (ACS) API
Basic setup and usage concepts for the Admin Config Service (ACS) API

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk Cloud Platform: 8.2.2112, 8.2.2201, 8.2.2202, 8.2.2203, 9.0.2205, 9.0.2208, 9.0.2209, 9.0.2303, 9.0.2305 (latest FedRAMP release)

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