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Splunk Add-on for Splunk UBA

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About the Splunk add-on for Splunk UBA

The Splunk add-on for Splunk UBA indexes data sent from Splunk UBA to the Splunk platform and allows you to send data from the Splunk platform to Splunk UBA. The Splunk add-on for Splunk UBA consists of two separate add-ons:

  • SA-UEBA is installed in SA-UEBA and is a supporting add-on For Splunk UBA. This add-on is disabled by default.
  • Splunk Add-on for UEBA is installed in Splunk_TA_ueba and is a technology add-on for Splunk UBA. This add-on is enabled by default.

In any environment with both Splunk UBA and Splunk ES, both add-ons are required and both must be enabled.

  • The SA-UEBA has no configuration options and only needs to be enabled in your environment.
  • The Splunk Add-on for UEBA is visible and has configuration options.

This manual deals primarily with configuring the Splunk Add-on for UEBA (Splunk_TA_ueba).

The Splunk Add-on for UEBA is not available for download on Splunkbase. The add-on is installed by default with Splunk Enterprise Security. If you find that the Splunk Add-on for UEBA is not installed, you may need to re-run the Splunk Enterprise Security Post-Install Configuration and ensure that Splunk_TA_ueba is selected for install. See Install Splunk Enterprise Security.

See the table for a summary of the functionality enabled by SA-UEBA and the Splunk Add-on for UEBA.

Feature SA-UEBA Splunk Add-on for UEBA
Visible? No. Yes, this add-on contains a view for configuration.
Collection method TCP TCP port 10008
CIM Compliance None. None. This data maps to the UEBA data model included with Splunk Enterprise Security.
Sourcetypes uba_audit ueba, stash_uba
Indexes N/A ueba, ubaroute
Additional features
  • Contains the ueba data model definition for Splunk UBA threats and anomalies which provides accelerated Splunk UBA information to Splunk ES.
  • Defines the ubauser, ubadevice, ubahistory, and ubaevents macros in Splunk ES.
  • Defines multiple correlation searches relating to Splunk UBA anomaly and threat detection:
    • Threat - UEBA Threat Detected (Notable) – Rule

    • Threat - UEBA Threat Detected (Risk) – Rule

    • Threat - UEBA Anomaly Detected (Risk) – Rule
  • Defines multiple key-indicator searches for populating Splunk web in Splunk ES, such as anomaly actors, anomaly signatures, anomalies per threat, and total anomalies.
  • Defines the UEBA - Notable External Reference - Lookup Gen lookup generation search.
  • Defines multiple swim-lane searches for populating Splunk web in Splunk ES, such as UEBA Threats By Asset, UEBA Threats By Identity, UBA Anomalies By Asset, and UBA Anomalies By Identity.
  • Contains the send2uba function which allows saved search results to be forwarded to Splunk UBA.
  • Defines the edit_uba_settings capability which is added to the ess_admin role in Splunk ES and can be assigned.
  • Defines the syslog-based output for stashed UBA data in the ubaroute index.
  • Defines multiple macros used to enrich events within Splunk ES to make them compatible with Splunk UBA.
  • Defines the Event Drilldown workflow. See Use event drilldown to review an anomaly's raw events in the Use Splunk User Behavior Analytics manual.
  • Contains lookups that can be referenced, such as a lookup for converting a Splunk UBA threat score into a Splunk ES urgency value.
  • Enables Splunk ES to retrieve user and device association data from Splunk UBA.
Last modified on 15 June, 2020
Requirements for using the Splunk add-on for Splunk UBA

This documentation applies to the following versions of Splunk® Add-on for Splunk UBA: 3.0.0

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